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Back-to-School Flyswatter Review Game Idea

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

Repetition is the key to learning, so I’ve heard. Well, sometimes repetition gets boring! So if you’re looking for a fun way to review facts with your kids for their school or homework, I have an easy way to do it! Using just a few materials, you can create a simple Flyswatter Review game kids will love playing over and over! Bonus: you can customize and rearrange the game to keep it fresh!

Kids play review game

Create a Flyswatter Review Game

When Duck Brand asked me to create another back to school project using their shelf liner and clear laminate, I thought fondly of last year’s quick table makeover project. But this time, I wanted to create something more interactive for my kids.

In our homeschool co-op (Classical Conversations), we play a lot of review games to help kids memorize key facts. I thought it would be fun to use the Duck Brand adhesive products to create a game board for playing with facts throughout the year.

craft materials on a bulletin board

Here are the materials I used:

  • Duck Brand Clear Laminate
  • Duck Brand Removable Adhesive EasyLiner
  • Scissors
  • Printed facts (choose any collection of facts you want your kids to memorize: math problems, vocab words, grammar terms, etc)
  • Flyswatter (1-4 is good for playing a variety of ways)
  • Whiteboard or bulletin board – a medium size works well for transporting to and from rooms/classrooms. If you don’t have one of these, you can easily cover a tabletop or wall space or even a sturdy piece of cardboard.

Directions for creating Flyswatter Review Game Board

hand holding clear laminate roll

1. Cover the surface of your “game board” with your choice of patterned/textured Duck Brand Adhesive EasyLiner. I used the natural surfaces texture on the back of my portable whiteboard. Now I have a board I can use to write on AND play a game on!

Shelf liner gridlines with scissors

I had to cut two pieces to cover the surface entirely. Thankfully, Duck Brand Clear Laminate has gridlines on the back that make it incredibly easy to cut just the right amount to cover the board or overlap pieces for complete surface coverage.

This project had me thinking about how I could create game boards just about anywhere! I could even use a door or wall if I didn’t have room in my classroom.

Paper cut out words

2. Cut out your fact game pieces (you may have printed these yourself, or be using small flashcards from the store, or even just write the facts on 3×5 cards).

Cut sections of clear laminate

3. Measure your game pieces, and cut out Clear Laminate about one inch larger–this will give you about half an inch all around. (it’s helpful if you make all your pieces the same size. I didn’t and ended up having to cut a variety of sizes).

Paper game piece covered by clear laminate

4. Peel your Clear Laminate pieces and apply a game piece to the sticky side. Then apply the game piece to your game board. You can randomize the layout of your pieces like I did, or you could line them up for a more organized look.

Now you’re ready to play! I told you this was going to be easy!

How to Play the Flyswatter Review Game

It’s so simple. Give your student a flyswatter and have them stand in front of the board. Call out a question related to the facts, and have them “swat” the answer! For example, my board shows our English Grammar terms. So I might say, “Swat a part of speech!” or “Swat a Sentence Purpose!”

Kids play flyswatter game

You can vary the gameplay by having two players with flyswatters and see who can find and swat the answer first! My boys love to play this way and try to beat each other at finding the answer fast!

I’ve also played this game in a classroom as a relay-style game with lines of students.

two hands using flyswatters for game

Because the clear laminate is removable, I can change my board up to create new game answers whenever I like!

Duck Brand Removable Adhesive EasyLiner also wipes clean, so if little fingers (or flyswatters) make my game board grubby, I can clean it up in a jiffy!

Create Back to School Projects with Duck Brand

flyswatter game with laminate rolls

I love how Duck Brand products help me get back to school in style and easily! I can cover bulletin boards, shelves, doors, notebooks, and more with their clear or patterned laminates and liners.

So not only can I create game boards, flashcards, or other teaching tools, but I can also spruce up my homeschool classroom quickly and easily. Last year’s table makeover is still going strong, but if I wanted to change our look, I would just peel and resurface the table!

In addition to Clear Laminate and Removable Adhesive EasyLiner, Duck Brand also has Smooth Top EasyLiner Smooth Top® EasyLiner® – this is a great option for lining shelves or bins. I like this especially for areas that need a lot of cleaning through the year (book bins, and pencil storage!), because it keeps my containers from getting too dirty. The liner can easily be replaced as needed to keep a fresh look all year long in your classroom!

So that’s my quick idea for back to school fun! I hope you enjoy it and try it out with your kids or students! What kind of games would you create with these handy laminates and liners?

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Friday 29th of April 2022

I was wondering how you used this as a relay game. That sounds interesting.