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Up your game with these back to school lunchbox supplies

The brown bag is a classic. My mom used to write us notes or draw pictures or put stickers on ours. I’ll always be a fan of the simple brown bag lunch. But lunch can always get a fun-packed upgrade with these back to school lunchbox supplies that help parents up their lunch packing game!back to school lunchbox supplies

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Pop culture comes to lunch

back to school lunchbox supplies

For the teens and tweens – a lunch bag that will turn heads! SoYoung Pixopop Roses Girl lunch cooler bag features a cool design by artist Ali Sabet. Pixopop characters follow the popular trends of Hello Kitty and Tokidoki. The raw linen bag is eco-friendly, and has a removable cooler insert that catches crumbs and trash. The strap detaches, and kids can wear as a messenger bag or backpack. The bag is machine washable, so none of that leftover lunch stink can stick around!

Tuck in a few no-sweat ice packs with fitted linen covers, featuring cool modern designs to keep foods chill. Find SoYoung cooler bags ($25-35.00), ice packs ($11.00), and other lunch supplies at

Lunches get zippy with it!

back to school lunchbox suppliesLunch for the littles got more fun with this Monstar Lunch Bag from ZIPIT. Featuring a free interactive mobile app, with a moving mouth, kids can make this lunch bag come to life (maybe trade time on the app if they finish all their lunch!?). Grab this bag in red, blue, or pink. It’s insulated to keep foods cool for the day, and has a handle for easy carrying. Find Monstar Lunch Bags ($12.99) and other zippable accessories at

Substitute teachers are fun… and so is substituting that juice box!

back to school lunchbox supplies

Sugar at lunch can cause a crash in the afternoons. Two disposable juice boxes a day – 30 pounds of sugar a year! Sub out that sugary juice drink with a better beverage of your choice. Water comes to mind. But also coconut water, milk, or infused waters with berries and mint! Precidio’s Drink in the Box gives you the ability to send the beverage of YOUR choice to lunch each day. Drink in the Box is the world’s only reusable drink box! So you’re also cutting back on waste products. Comes in 8 oz, and 12 oz. sizes, and a range of shiny, see-through colors.

Also from Precidio… Snack in the Box! Reusable snack containers with two sides gives kids extra snack options! Parents, you save money because you don’t have to buy pre-packaged snacks, which are more expensive. Pack proteins and a fruit, salty with sweet, crunchy with chewy – you get the point. There’s unlimited ways to mix and match snacks!

Both Drink in the Box and Snack in the Box are dishwasher friendly. Find Drink in the Box and Snack in the Boxon Amazon.

The perfect sandwich box for little ones

back to school lunchbox supplies

You remember how gross it was to get a squash PB&J at lunchtime? Marcus & Marcus Collapsible Sandwich Wedge fits a whole sandwich perfectly and protects soft breads. Made from food grade silicone, this container is easy to clean in the dishwasher. Choose from several colors and designs. Find Marcus & Marcus Collapsible Sandwich Wedge on Amazon.

Don’t forget to make your child’s lunch with love…

back to school lunchbox supplies

…love notes, that is! Lunchbox Love from Say Please features positive messages from parents to kids. The front of the card lets kids know how much you love them. The back has a fun fact, joke, or riddle. Feed your child’s emotional well-being when they’re away from home. And not just for lunches – tuck them into a backpack or binder when you know your child has a tough day ahead, like a test, or a project due! Lunchbox Love comes in various themed packs for kids, tweens, teens, and more! Buy Lunchbox Love notes ($2.99 and up) at

back to school lunchbox supplies

Even more ideas for your back to school lunchbox supplies!

How do you make packing back to school lunches fun!? Which of these items would you most love to upgrade your kids’ lunchboxes with this year?back to school lunchbox supplies

Thanks to the brands mentioned above for sending samples to facilitate this post. All opinions are my 100% my own. Amazon affiliate links have been used; purchases made through these links may result in small commission for me. 


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