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Planning a Budget for Natural Wellness

We’d like to think it was as simple as eat well and exercise regularly. And while those two will take you far, there’s more to natural wellness than that. In fact, because natural wellness practices aren’t always mainstream, they can often cost more. So it’s wise to plan a budget for natural wellness.

I’d consider our family to be fairly healthy, yet we have several medical issues we have to address regularly: migraines, scoliosis / spine health, varicose veins, infertility, and joint pain.

Here’s my plan for how we budget to include natural wellness in our health routines.

Budget for natural wellnessThis is a sponsored post.

What items to budget for natural wellness

Preventative Care – We try to visit the chiropractor as a family twice a month. We strongly believe that spine health affects the rest of the body, so we make the effort, and will pay the price for this. You may have your own needs for preventative care, so be sure to include those costs into your budget plan.

Seasonal illnesses – Our oldest just had a random bout of strep throat (the doctor said he hadn’t seen a case in awhile), costing us a visit copay plus prescription. I generally budget for two trips like this per year, per person in our family to cover anything seasonal.

Vitamins & Supplements  – Everyone in the family takes vitamins and supplements for various reasons (nutritional to preventative to maintenance). We also use essential oils to boost immunity, and support healthy body function. A monthly budget for these means I can buy wholesale and stock up on what we use regularly. This saves me time and money from not having to rush out and get something (usually not on sale) if an ailment crops up.

Fitness – whether it’s just a supportive pair of walking shoes or a full-fledged gym membership, regular exercise is a fabulous wellness “tool” we should all invest in!

Healthy diet – this is personal opinion but well-supported by my reading and common sense – devote grocery money to healthful foods instead of junk or nutrient-poor foods to promote a healthy body. Many people think they can’t eat organic, or whole food diets, but my research and experience have proven it’s possible to eat great food even on a budget of as low as $100-125 per week!

When you have to visit the doctor…

Doctor visits are inevitable – perhaps you just got pregnant, or have a genetic disease, even accidents can bring us to the doctors office. That’s when it’s smart to take charge of your health care, know all you can, and avoid budget surprises!

Use phone and online services. Discuss with your doctor what types of ailments you can call and discuss with a nurse / doctor, and which need to be  seen in person. This could save you some copays. Many offices have “portals” where you can ask a question and get a message back from your doctor.

Try an online doctor visit. For simple visits and checks, consider using an online Doctor service. These are often far cheaper than in-office visits. Especially if you’re paying out of pocket or using an HSA.

Research procedure costs. When you have to have a lab, surgery, or procedure, going directly to your doctor or urgent care is often less expensive than a visit to the emergency room.

Use your HSA account wisely. Some items like air purifiers, humidifiers, medical hot/cold packs, prenatal vitamins, and other natural wellness products are able to be purchased with HSA funds. Often you will need a physician’s letter, but it’s worth checking into if it helps you save on your budget.

Budget for natural wellness

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Dotty J Boucher

Thursday 7th of April 2016

Thanks for the chance @tisonlyme143


Thursday 7th of April 2016

Great tips - especially the chiropractor. hee hee.

I need to look into phone call/online doctor options to have handy. I just HATE going when someone needs something.