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A Care Package for Sick Kids (+ Printable Cheer Cards)

When it comes to helping my kids learn to do acts of service, I am often the worst at operating on the fly. It’s much better to my practical mind if I am ready in advance to offer help. One thing I want my kids to learn is how to help kids in the hospital, or sick with other illness. So this week, we created a care package for sick kids. We could bring these to a hospital or hand off to a sick child at home as well!

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Create a Care Package for Sick Kids

Before you get started, think about what you’ll put into the care kit. My boys wanted to put all kinds of fun treats in, but I reminded them often sick children can’t eat regular food. Plus, if we are giving these to children we don’t know, they could have an allergy we’re unaware of. For that reason, I avoided foods, and only put in throat drops.

Care Package Item Supplies

Here’s a list of items found at our local Dollar Tree (and my suggestions for substitutions I’d make if I had shopped elsewhere!):

A large tumbler with bendy straw (alternatively, use any cup, jar, or basket, but I was thinking about how kids often can’t sit up well to drink fluids, so a bendy straw can help them reach their beverage. My preference would be to avoid plastic, but this was what was available.)

Travel toothbrush and toothpaste. When my kids are really sick, I make them throw away their toothbrush afterwards in case the bacterial lingered. By giving kids a small toothbrush set, you help parents avoid having to throw away what might be a kid’s favorite toothbrush.

Fun washcloth. I love the compressed printed washcloths you can always find at the dollar store. Kids love to soak them in water and watch them expand! 

Chapstick. Being sick always dries kids lips out!

Throat drops. See above!

Care Package Items

Hand sanitizer. (Alternative: I would usually make my own with essential oils but for the purpose of storing care kits for when they are needed, I got the Purell brand. I will have to order travel size bottles of my essential oil brand instead. I console myself these at least have essential oils IN them!? Ha).

Tissues. Always need to be kept at hand. I love this pack because it has an inspirational quote on the front!

Kids’ cold pack. Whether an injury, a headache, bruising, or just something fun to squish, a cold pack in a cute design is always exciting for kids

A fun activity. I kept it simple by including a bright felt-tip marker pen (scented! fun!), and a small notepad with matching sticky notes. Kids can draw or write in while they recover.

Putting your care package together.

Care Package Assembly

  • Open packages where necessary. Some packages should be kept closed for sanitary / hygiene purposes.
  • Clean cup before packing and remove labeling.
  • Arrange all items so they fit nicely and look fun Fromm the outside!
  • Seal the lid, and perhaps tie or tape closed, so it doesn’t spill open before gifting.
  • Tie an encouraging card or tag onto the cup to bring a smile!
  • Have your kids write or draw a card. I like to give my kids small index or business sized cards so the task doesn’t get overwhelming.

Now your care kit for sick kids (at home or hospital) is ready to go! Next time you hear of a kid laid up with an illness or injury, you and your kids can quickly pop over and drop off this cup of cheer!

Care Package Cheer Cards Tying On

Care Package Cups for Kids

Use my free printable cheer cards for your next care package!

Care Package Cheer Cards


I’ve turned my care package cheer cards into a set of 8 you can print and use as needed. Various statements will fit different situations, so take your pick.

Just click the image below or this link to access your free printable cheer cards, and then go shopping with your kids to create a care package for sick printable cheer cards

Plus, there’s a little something extra you can print on the back of these cards. You can give parents more than just a gift for their kids. You can give them valuable information about a children’s medical grant that may ease their minds about how to pay for the expenses associated with children’s illness and injuries.

This child medical grant could help families with sick kids!

child medical grant
The UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF) is giving out 30,000 child medical grants within the next decade. Qualifying families can receive up to $5,000 annually per child!

Applying for grants might sound scary, but this one isn’t! Most parents don’t realize it’s incredibly easy to apply online. And that 89% of applicants are approved

If you have:

  • a child age 16 and younger
  • whose parents are US residents
  • who has  commercial health insurance already (and it’s not limited to UHC members!)
  • and meet economic guidelines…

Then your child could qualify for this grant!

UHCCF has awarded over $48 million through more than 20,000 grants already. Grant recipients have paid for treatments, medical devices, and therapies with the money. All health services their insurance didn’t cover. 

This grant COULD be the help and HOPE a family needs when their child is sick or injured. Click here to apply for the UHCCF child medical grant!

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Click here to donate to help UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation continue their grant program.

Care Package for sick kids

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