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Christmas Poetry Writing Workshop – FREE

Christmas Poetry Writing Workshop – FREE

When Christmas comes, I’m always looking for some fresh ideas to include in our December homeschool time. Of course, I love using our morning menus to add poetry and artwork to our mornings. But I also want to infuse our lessons with Christmas themes as well! This year I ran a free LIVE Christmas poetry writing workshop for kids. 

Christmas Poetry Writing Workshop

What did we do!? Well, sixteen kids (ages 8-12) and myself gathered on Zoom for a LIVE poetry writing workshop on Christmas themes! It was so fun hearing the kids ideas and word choices. 

We talked about the basic elements of poetry (imagery, emotion, music). 

We read a fun poem about hot cocoa and examined it for these poetic elements. The kids loved finding ways the author used the five senses to describe a delicious cup of hot chocolate! 

We played with Christmas riddles to see how poets create images in our minds without using the exact words. (So fun!) I even made a few new riddles to share with the kids myself!

And then we learned what a couplet was, and how to craft these sweet little rhyming lines of poetry. 

Finally, after all those tidbits of learning, the kids selected a favorite Christmas object and wrote their own couplets. In fact, some students decided to use other poetic forms, which was perfectly fine! Couplets are just one way to make writing poetic. 

We shared our writing and had a jolly good time!

A woman holding a wooden toy posing for the camera

Get your kids in the writing spirit this Christmas!

Are you feeling a little sad you missed the workshop? There were several parents who wanted to sign up but the time just wasn’t right. 

That’s okay! Because now you can add a fun poetry writing segment to your Christmas school time with my FREE video lesson plus Christmas word bank download and Christmas-themed writing worksheets! 

Just sign up for my emails and you’ll receive an email that shares the video link, and includes the Christmas printables! Plus, you’ll be added to my mailing list so you won’t miss out on any other fun workshops and classes I offer in the future!

After signing up,  you’ll be directed to the page where the video and worksheets are stored. Be sure to check your email for the password! (You might have to check your spam!).

Have yourself a merry little (writing) Christmas! 

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