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Cloth Diaper Conversation Starters

Most people make small talk over a cup of coffee…I do it over diapers. I have to admit, these cloth diapers are real conversation starters – no one can resist commenting. I strategically change the baby’s diaper in front of people just to get to know them… kidding. Maybe not. But seriously, I have made more small talk because of these cloth diapers than I would have without them…. here’s a sample:

Me: (removes baby’s pants)
Stranger: (in a tone of mixed awe and horror) Are those CLOTH Diapers?
Me: (gasp!) Why YES, as a matter of fact they ARE cloth diapers! Do you have two hours for me to sit down and tell you all about them?
Stranger (runs away kicking and screaming)

That’s not right. Let’s start over…

Me: (removes baby’s pants, surreptitiously glances at people nearby in anticipation)
Stranger: (in a tone of mixed awe and horror) What ARE those on your baby?
Me: (smiles) These are my new Flip Cloth Diapers.
Stranger: Oh! God Bless You! (rolls eyes while they think I’m not looking)

That’s closer… One more time…

Me: (removes baby’s pants, opens wet bag in preparation, grabs a fresh diapey)
Stranger: (in a tone of mixed awe and horror (yes, that never changes)) Oh, you’re cloth diapering?
Me: (smiles) Yes, we’re cloth diapering.
Stranger: How does that work exactly?
Me: (raises eyebrows, chuckles under breath) Well, I just put the cloth diaper in this cover, and voila! Diaper changed!
Stranger: Oh… but aren’t they stinky?
Me: No more than regular diapers.
Stranger: But isn’t it a lot of work to wash them?
Me: (laughs) I don’t know, the washing machine washes them, not me! 🙂
Stranger: I would love to do that but… I couldn’t keep up with all the laundry.
Me: It’s really only an extra load every couple days – I just throw them in and a few hours later they are done!
Stranger: Hmm… wow, maybe I’ll try it with my next baby… thanks for the information!

And so new friendships are formed. I love that the cloth diapers on my baby’s bum always spark interest in other people – I know most people are just curious, but I hope some of them get the Cloth Diaper Bug and join me … I don’t know anyone in my area who is currently CD-ing, so it would be fun to share the adventures in fluff with them.

What kinds of comments have you gotten from other people since you’ve started cloth diapers? If you don’t cloth diaper yet, what questions do you have about cloth diapering?

Julie Kieras

Monday 14th of June 2010

oh...and I have heard anywhere from 18-24 diapers makes a "set." I have 22 inserts and 10 covers... this seems to do it for me... but I wouldn't mind having more to stash around the house and car b/c I'm always running up and down stairs to get my diapers! :)

Julie Kieras

Monday 14th of June 2010

Stephanie - great questions... I'm sure my answers are bound to change as I get further in but currently I'm a big fan of the cover plus insert style, and therefore I like the Flip brand diaper because you can reuse it until it gets dirty, saving money & laundry! :) My least favorite right now is the EconoBum diaper with the prefold insert - the cover is a little flimsy and the insert too bulky... but they do work! I'm getting ready to try out a few more brands/styles... I'll have to do a more thorough review post once I have tried a few more! :)


Sunday 13th of June 2010

I have so many questions...not sure where to start! For starters, I'd love to hear about your preferences:(1) What "style" cloth diaper is your favorite?(2) Which brand do you like the most?(3) Which brand do you like the least?Also: How many cloth diapers would you say are necessary to cloth-diaper FT? [email protected]