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Super Diaper Daddy

I’ve decided since I am now a cloth diaperin’ mama (the only current one I know in my area), I need to devote more blog time to the topic. So I am declaring Fridays to be Cloth Diaper Fridays!
For one, there is a giveaway every Friday at Diaper Junction’s Cloth Diaper Blog which I have been trying to win for the past 10 weeks! ha ha! I figured since I am always thinking about cloth diapers on Friday, I would write a regular blog post about my experiences as well.
Can I just say that my hubbie is my Superhero: not only does he support me in everything I try to do (he reminds me I should write more, eat better, drink water, exercise, get sleep…), but also he has taken up the cloth diapering cause with me. When I say things like this, my DH gets embarrassed, my girlfriends nudge and poke their husbands, and the husbands grit their teeth and hope I shut up soon! (at least, this is what I imagine!)
Most dads I know cringe at the idea of even changing a diaper at ALL! The concept of dealing with the dirty diapers themselves would probably send them into shock. But not my husband! He is my hero because he not only supports my use of cloth diapers, but he actively participates!
The other day, I heard him explaining to someone else how cloth diapering works – go daddy!
Not only did he install the diaper sprayer successfully, but he is better at the diaper sprayer than I am – he somehow does not manage to spray down the toilet, walls, floor and himself whilst cleansing the dirty doos!
And lately, he has done something really special: every morning before he leaves for work, he checks on his dozing wife and child, and if baby has a dirty diapey, he changes the baby and then puts sleepy baby in bed to snuggle with sleepy mama! I think this is so sweet – not only do I not have to get up to change the diaper, but also I get some extra Zzz’s, and I can then feed baby in bed and avoid yet another drag-myself-out-of-bed moment after a long night of getting up to feed the baby.
He still sometimes gets confused with which insert is a Flip, a Bum Genius, or a FuzziBunz (I use all three), but hey, I don’t care if he calls it a Fuzzy-Genius, I just love that he is with me 100% in our parenting escapades, especially one as all-consuming as cloth diapering!

I should make him a cape out of cloth diapers: SuperDiaperDaddy to the rescue!