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From Soil to Seeds, Engaging Gardening Kits for Kids

Getting kids into the garden offers a host of learning opportunities. Starting with the soil, moving on to planting seeds, and even thinking about the entire ecosystem, including insects and underground habitats! From soil to seeds, these engaging gardening kits for kids open a doorway for hands-on play and learning!

Gardening Kits for Kids

Nancy B’s Science Club® Garbage to Gardens Compost Kit

Gardening Kits for Kids

Start by asking questions: Which decays faster—a banana peel or a Styrofoam cup? Find out with these composting experiments! The Garbage to Gardens Compost Kit from Educational Insights introduces life cycles, environmental science, and experimentation. It’s also the first clear compost container made just for kids! There are two compartments so kids can create “recipes” of garbage and track which one decomposes fastest! Each compartment has 3x magnifiers for kids to explore changes in the soil. The included activity book walks children through various recipes and thoughtful experiments in soil enrichment.

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Creativity for Kids – Gardening Craft Kits

Gardening Kits for Kids

These GROW Garden Craft kits blend creativity, crafting, and gardening! Color, sticker, decorate the containers, then plant your seeds. Each kit includes all you’ll need from potting soils, rocks, and sands, to seeds, scoops, and garden misters. Some seed kits, like the Sparkle & Grow Butterfly Terrarium and the Grow Owl, grow quickly (chia and wheat grass), while others like the Plant a Pizza Garden are for long-term planting and growing. With the Pizza kit, kids will plant four vegetables from non-GMO seeds. Watch them sprout, then when the seedlings are big enough, transplant to the outdoors. Kids can continue to tend the plants until harvest, when they can then use the vegetables to make their very own pizzas!

Add a Grow Light – a sweet and sunshiney light that runs off a USB cord – to help make indoor gardens more productive and grow faster.

The Young Scientists Club – Nature Series

Gardening Kits for Kids Science on a Gardening Adventure combines the the fun of gardening with exciting hands-on science experiments. Tools, workbooks, and materials are included, along with a mini rake, trowel, and watering can! Here’s a few of the activities included:

  • make a terrarium
  • learn about underground habitats
  • explore the different parts of plants
  • test the soil
  • design a mini-garden
  • perform plant experiments
  • identify bugs and their habitats
  • make a working sun dial

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Insect Lore Butterfly Gardens

Gardening Kits for Kids

Yes, kids can really watch the miraculous transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. Insect Lore Butterfly Garden Gift Sets send everything you need! Start with your kit materials (screen habitat, chrysalis station, feeding pipette, feeder, guide), and send away for your Cup of Caterpillars. The Gift set also includes some exciting toys! Feed and observe your creatures as they shed their exoskeletons, form chrysalides, and then emerge into gorgeous painted lady butterflies! It’s about a three week process, offering lots of time for questions, research, and observations!

Butterfly Garden Gift Set With Live Cup of Caterpillars (Buy on Amazon)

It’s really been exciting for our family to teach our children about every aspect of the growing process. From improving our soil by composting, to planning a garden and selecting seeds that will do well in our climate. Our boys are getting a taste of each phase of working the land with these engaging gardening kits for kids!

Can’t wait to eat that pizza from our garden!

Gardening Kits for Kids

Check out these gardening activities for kids!

Thanks to the brands mentioned for sending products for my use and review. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post and purchases made through these links may generate a small commission. 


Monday 1st of March 2021

Our kids are very exited about learning every aspect of gardening, this information will play a big role towards helping them acquire more skills and enjoy gardening. Thank you for sharing.

Sarah L

Tuesday 14th of March 2017

Those are all great to get kids interesting in the world. We have a pizza garden.


Wednesday 8th of March 2017

These are wonderful! I still remember the first thing I planted - a pumpkin and I was so excited the entire time it grew from a shoot into a pumpkin!


Thursday 18th of January 2018

Yes they are great, my firts plant was kales and spinach in our school kitchen garden. later on I planted some in my mom kitchen garden. was really proud when we picked our first bunch.

Dana Rodriguez

Tuesday 7th of March 2017

These are great ideas for kids. What a fun way to learn!