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Family Game Night: Puzzles with Kids ~ eeBoo Review

I remember doing gigantic 5,000 piece puzzles with my family throughout the winter months when I was a child. Truthfully, I don’t recall whether we ever actually finished a puzzle – we weren’t one of those families that shellacked the completed puzzle for framing. We’d just pack up the puzzle pieces into the box once we were done.

puzzles with kids

Family game night working puzzles with kids is a fun way to spend our time.

Actually, being homeschoolers, sometimes it’s family game afternoon, or morning! In fact, we often have short “game moments” sprinkled through the day whenever we need a break. Puzzles are great for this, because there are no “turns” or need to remember where the game left off. You just sit down and work the puzzle a bit and have a mental break.puzzles with kidsThis past week with the chilly weather, it’s been cozy to sit on the floor with the boys around the train table (which, makes an excellent puzzle table, because it has sides!). We sorted pieces, fitted some together. I taught them my super-duper puzzle solver technique of building the edges first. They ignored my wisdom and went straight for the brightly colored starfish pieces! All good!puzzles with kids I loved sorting pieces and giving them ships or octopus, or a large fish to piece together. They loved pouring through the box to find Mommy another straight-edged piece for her sides (I’m still missing two!).

We all experienced that elation of finding the final pieces to a section! The satisfaction of snapping together bitty bits of cardboard until a lovely landscape was revealed.puzzles with kidsAs we puzzled, I thought about all the ways puzzles help families and kids grow:

  • Conversation flows while little hands are busy
  • Parents learn about their child’s problem-solving s
  • Sorting skills
  • Logic and spatial relationship skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand / Eye Coordination
  • Matching skills
  • Cooperative learning
  • Mixed ages play

Can you think of other benefits of puzzles with kids? I’m sure there are more! Now’s the time to grab a pile of puzzles and enjoy some family game night fun!

For little ones – put the babes on the floor with some peg shape puzzles. Give preschoolers a large floor puzzle to work on with older siblings or friends (a hallways is a nice place for this!).

For our family, with a six and four year old, we are finally able to tackle something more challenging like this Beneath the Surface 1008 piece puzzle from eeBoo! The smooth, sturdy cardboard pieces are printed with brightly patterned fish and ocean creatures and boats. The neat thing about this puzzle is how the image is circular; there’s no top and no bottom. So no matter which side of the puzzle you sit on, what you’re working on is always facing you! How ingenious, and really assists in the family game night fun.

Find this puzzle and tons of puzzle games (different scenes, different types and levels!) at Read more about what I think about eeBoo products in my previous reviews:

For your next family game night, do some puzzles with kids! Did you grow up working on puzzles?

puzzles with kidsDid you know January is Puzzle Month? I suppose if you’re not a winter sports person, or if you dislike the cold weather, there isn’t much else to do at this time of year if you’re in a colder climate! Celebrating puzzle month is a great way to get the family together for a non-technology activity!

Thanks to eeBoo for sending this game for our family to enjoy. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links are used in this post. 


Sunday 19th of February 2017

I love the table for puzzles. We hadn't done puzzles in a long time, then I saw some amazing ones at Barnes & Noble. They are fun, and can help develop patience and stick-with-it-ness1

Trisha W

Tuesday 8th of November 2016

I love how you repurposed the train table for puzzle making.