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Finding a Fresh Cut Christmas Tree – our simple family tradition

I never went out and cut down a fresh cut Christmas tree until after I was married. From the first year, we decided to make fresh cut Christmas trees a family tradition, and I’m glad we did for so many reasons… mostly for these two little ones enjoying the wonder and fragrance of this year’s tree.

finding a fresh cut christmas tree

Finding a Fresh Cut Christmas Tree – our family tradition

Christmas tree boys

In summertime, our family gets plenty of fresh air, farm visits, garden learning and down-to-earth fun. But it seems after the last of the leaves are cleared, we New Englanders have a tendency to hole up in the house for awhile. Every year, going out to get a fresh cut Christmas tree reminds me of the simple wonder the outdoors has even in winter. 

finding a fresh cut christmas tree Christmas tree top

Going out to find the perfect tree is the first of several traditional outings for our family. There’s something about crunching our way over chilly fields through fragrant evergreens that brings simplicity to the start of our Christmas season. The boys run through the trees, trying to find the tallest one. Giggling at the baby trees. Noticing vacant bird nests, or bittersweet vines caught in the greenery. I challenged them to find a tree their height! My oldest son told me he loves touching the pine needles, especially with gloves on, so they aren’t too prickly! Ha!

We often visit Konefal Tree Farm in Middlefield for our tree; it’s family run, so we’re supporting a local farmer by getting a fresh cut Christmas tree. It’s just a simple way to give during the holidays. If you’re already going to spend the money on a tree, why not buy local?

finding a fresh cut christmas tree finding a fresh cut christmas tree

And then… the simple truth is… we’re always working to simplify life here at home. As we’re a family that lives, works, and schools in the house, we don’t want to have our space filled up too tightly. A fresh cut Christmas tree is, sustainably farmed, easily disposed of, and biodegradable. Leaving nothing but a lovely pine fragrance, and a few needles I may still be finding under the couch in June! That’s okay by me!

What’s your family tradition during the holidays? Do you get fresh cut trees?

finding a fresh cut christmas tree


Carolyn Daley

Sunday 13th of December 2015

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