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Gifts for Women – Thoughtful Gift Ideas They’ll Love

I love giving gifts to help women in my life find meaning, be inspired, or just stay on top of life! These thoughtful gifts for women will delight, inspire, and keep them motivated to do all the things we do for our families.

Gifts for women

Gifts that Create a Meaningful Life

Books to Inspire and Encourage

Eight Dates Book

I post a lot about books making great gifts. Because it’s TRUE! I love giving books that I’ve enjoyed reading, and including a note about what I loved in the book. And, I also invite the person to chat with me about the book after they’ve read it. The “gift” of a book gift is that it can bring connection and build friendships too!

Eight Dates: Essential Conversations For a Lifetime of Love is a wonderful book to give women who want to deepen their relationships. I love the opening line: “Every great love story is a never-ending conversation.” This book shares how to have those never-ending, relationship-building conversations. And, it teaches the art of intimate conversation. By giving open-ended questions and eight topical date-night focuses, it aims to help couples create the most important discussions of their lives! Why am I putting this in a gift guide? Because I think most women I know long for deeper intimacy in their marriages, and their friendships.

I enjoyed reading through the ideas for date nights, and ideas for ways to cherish my husband. Sometimes I only come up with cliched ideas, and this book offers 99 ideas to try! The open-ended questions encourage you to share experiences, feelings, and your family history that influences how you relate to your spouse. As I read through the topics and sample questions, I thought about how many of the questions would work for other relationships too! It’s truly a book about listening and connecting.

Find Eight Dates on Amazon.

Staying organized gifts for women

Planners keep day-to-day life going

pipsticks planner calendar

Everyone loves a good planner, right? And with all the bullet-list, sticker-sheet planners out there, we have no excuse for staying on top of life. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction, I think, in getting things on paper where you can see the flow of life. Plus, planning visually on a calendar also helps us busy moms avoid overloading, because you can see at a glance when life is going to start bottlenecking, and avoid possible burnout!

The Pipsticks planner line from Workman Publishing has nostalgic, retro graphics in several styles (cassette tapes, anyone?), and a simple, “analog” appeal. This hardbound planner comes with sticker sheets to keep your life well-managed with little fuss. Weekly spreads and monthly grids let you plan ahead, and then stay on track day-to-day. Plus, 500 stickers can’t be wrong! This is a bright and fun planner to carry with you as you go about life.

Find Pipsticks Planners at Workman.

Full-year wall calendars

gifts for women calendar

Am I the only one who swoons over an awesome calendar? Join my love of organization and NeuYear wall calendars! These BIG calendars – nearly two posters big – give you the entire year at a glance with a minimalist layout. Chart goals for the year, set deadlines. Fill in all the little squares. Plan away!

Plus, the calendars have no spaces between months, giving you 52 weeks rather than 12 months. It’s how we tend to think about our days anyways, and helps you more accurately judge time between two dates. This is two calendars in one – horizontal on one side, vertical on the other to fit walls or doors. And you can order calendars with weeks that start on Sunday OR Monday. Plus, opt for a paper version or a dry-erase calendar.

Give the gift of organization to a busy mom with NeuYear Calendars! Find NeuYear on Amazon for last minute gifting!

Reusable Grocery Backpack

gifts for women packbasketgifts for women packbasket

Ever wish you had hands-free at the grocery store? Especially when you have to return your own cart, then haul the kids AND groceries to the car? Now there’s a solution for packing up your groceries with kids in tow: Packbasket from ADKPackWorks.

Use it for shopping the farmer’s market, taking a picnic on a hike, a day at the beach… it’s about as big as a large reusable grocery bag, so it holds quite a bit! Designed like the 150-year-old Adirondack pack baskets, an internal frame provides support and keeps everything upright. Adjustable straps are very easy to manage, and comfortable too; carry two-handled, over the shoulder, or backpack style (my favorite!).

Accessories include a toggle-close top, and insulated zippered cooler insert. The Packbasket will outlast any reusable grocery bag, and its versatility makes it worth the cost. Find many styles and colors of Packbasket on Amazon!

Self-care gifts for women

Comforting Neck Wraps

gifts for women neck wrap

Most women I know could use a little relaxation after a long day. Get them Huggaroo’s luxurious Neck Wrap. A therapeutic hot/cold neck wrap decreases tension and soothes tired, achy muscles. Their neck and shoulders will thank you for the deep pressure therapy. For moms like me who can’t get out to the spa, a quick microwave of the Huggaroo Neck Wrap and it’s like I have a spa at home! This wrap can be chilled for cool, refreshing relief! The relaxing aromatherapy lavender and chamomile allows women to unwind. 

Find more neck wraps, weighted blankets, and other gifts for women at Huggaroo and Find Huggaroo on Amazon too!

Non-slip grip socks for athletic women

gifts for women socks

Whether you take martial arts, pilates or yoga classes or workout at home, you may have tried to workout in socks at some point. That’s a no-go because of the danger of slipping. Tucketts makes high-performance grip socks for barefoot-style workouts. You get the benefits of bare feet (connection, balance, sensation), and the comfort of a sock – all with the stability of grips! The toeless design allows you to make small adjustments for your particular workout.

Tucketts offers five styles of socks (ballet, knee-high, etc) in a range of colors for women and men! Find Tucketts on Amazon Prime for last minute gifts!

On the Go Gifts for Women

Eye-catching Mom and Baby accessoriesgifts for women bags

Being a mom gave me another excuse for getting more bags: Diaper bags! One mom didn’t want to resign her heels to the dustbin. So she founded House of Botori and created chic and expressive bags and forward-thinking accessories specifically to give moms the ability to show their individuality! Her African-inspired prints are bold, bright, and eye-catching, not to mention conversation-starters!

House of Botori bags (like the Ginka Tote!) keep a busy mom organized because they are well-designed. The interior pockets have pen/pencil holders, and large pockets perfect for cell phones and sunglasses. There’s even a Paci pouch, bottle insulator, changing pad, and wetbag included! You’ll feel organized and efficient without small items slipping into the bottom of the diaper bag.

Shop these styles at House of Botori. Not in the mommy-phase of life? They also carry lunch bags and regular totes!

A classy winter coat

gifts for women coatLands’ End knows how to do gifts – whether a sparkly sweater or a cozy coat… hats, gloves, scarves and more. Their coat collection ranges from heavyweight wool dress coats to packable down jackets and makes for a lovely gift! Plus, every item comes backed by a full satisfaction guarantee! The polished wool toggle coat I’m wearing is rated for 0-25 degree weather, so that’s a win-win for me (style + comfort!). Lands’ End is FULL of clothing options that can play dual roles like that!

Find Lands’ End outerwear here.

More ideas for gifts for women:

Gifts for womenThanks to the brands mentioned for providing samples to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. 

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Christian Alejandro

Monday 2nd of December 2013

I would love a laptop! But the hamper things are a need.

Tara C

Monday 2nd of December 2013

I think I'd especially like the gift certificate and the nursing clutch from your list. What I'm hoping for this year, sadly, is a Home Depot gift card to use on the fixer-upper house we just bought!

Cassandra Eastman

Monday 2nd of December 2013

I want a ToiletTree Water-Resistant Professional Skin Care Face and Body Brush System!

Angela Cash

Monday 2nd of December 2013

I am hoping that Santa will bring me a Nexus 7 tablet for Christmas. The Lush Cosmetics are my fave prize from this awesome giveaway.


Monday 2nd of December 2013

I want a new cell phone for Christmas.