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Where to go for health care during the holidays

Where to go for health care during the holidays

There’s plenty of reasons why health care visits take an uptick during the holidays. Falls from decorating, burns from cooking, food poisoning (where are you eating!?), and flus and colds that spread from so much holiday gathering. Also, doctor’s offices are often closed, and staffing is sometimes reduced. Making health care during the holidays a challenge!

A few months ago I shared with you the best ways to deal when a child gets sick on vacation. This month, I want to remind you of the best places to go for health care during the holidays!

health care during holidays

Pick the best place for health care during the holidays

Don’t make the ER your first pick. A cold or sprained ankle is not a life threatening emergency and you could spend a ton of money on a service that could easily cost you  half as much at an Urgent Care center. But people continue to run to the ER simply because they don’t realize there are other options! Here’s your six main health care options and when you should pick each one:

Nurse Line – Your best spot for questions about treatment, medications, or finding a doctor or hospital. Your health care plan likely provides you with 24/7 access to a registered nurse at no additional cost. If you have time, make this your first call to form a plan!

Virtual Visits – Not too much money and these in-home, online doctor visits can easily take care of routine issues like pinkeye, rashes, seasonal allergies, fevers, and more. The great news is you don’t have to leave the house or be exposed to any other illnesses!

Primary Care Doctors – It’s best to visit your primary care doctor for routine checkups, immunizations, preventative measure and general health care. But in an emergency, or after-hours, they are probably not going to be your first go-to. (Although you may end up calling their after-hours line for assistance).

Convenience Care Clinics – These are a nice step-in for your primary doctor when they are not available. You can take care of strep throat, minor cuts, flus, earaches, and a host of minor issues here. Often you can walk-in!

Urgent Care Center – A bit more money but not as much as an ER visit. Be sure to have their number/address on your phone for more serious issues (but not life-threatening) like sprains, bone breaks, minor infections, or minor burns.

Emergency Rooms – Should really be used for serious or life threatening situations: chest pain, strokes, heavy bleeding, shortness of breath, and major burns.

Learn more about where to find health care during the holidays (and all the days!)

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Find out how to get the right care at the right place during the holidays, and all the days! 

health care during holidays

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Tuesday 6th of December 2016

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