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Spruce up Homeschool Morning Time: Try this Classical Morning Menu Printable

When I first saw morning menus popping up on Instagram, my first thought (like when I discovered Pinterest!) was: “THAT IS FOR ME!” And it was, and is. I immediately set about creating a morning menu to fit our family’s morning time routines. Since we do Classical Conversations as well, I wanted our morning menu to include materials that coordinated with this year’s cycle 2. So I created this homeschool morning menu printable, and it aligns nicely with our CC work. I’ll explain!

NOTE: The menu you can download at the end uses my NEW 2022 Menu design so it will look different than the photos. Sample pages of the new version are shown at the end of this post. 

Homeschool Morning Menu December

First, what is morning time and what are morning menus?

Morning time is simply a family gathering around a collection of books and materials to help set the tone and routine of your day. You don’t have to homeschool too long before you’ll hear the name Pam Barnill, because she’s like the Queen of Morning Time with her morning baskets and podcast of the same name. She says:

“Morning Time is very much like a big group hug at the beginning of our school day. It sets the tone and atmosphere for learning. It gives us something to contemplate and mentally gnaw on for the rest of the day. And most importantly, it puts us in a right relationship with each other and with God.” -Pam Barnhill, Homeschool Solutions with Pam Barnhill

Quite right! Morning baskets/morning times are as varied as their are families. I know some families who keep it to a light 20 minutes and others who will spend 60-90 minutes together in morning time. Mine runs about 30-40 minutes.

Child looking at printable hymn page

Materials vary widely but often include: 

  • Bible reading / devotional
  • Singing / Hymns
  • Poetry
  • Art / Picture study
  • Read-aloud
  • Light academic work – like tracing, handwriting, reviewing math facts, etc.

I have LOVED the idea of putting the pages into a restaurant menu cover. You can purchase restaurant menu covers on Amazon. That link is for a single cover, 4 pages, 8 sides, which is what I use. You can also buy in bulk if you want each of your kids to have a copy, or want to share the cost with several other families. If you’re looking to keep costs down, just put these in page protectors in a notebook or report binder. 

Morning menus and Classical Conversations

Of course, nothing I’m going to say is endorsed by or affiliated with the company Classical Conversations, but I  have created our morning menu to reflect and enhance our CC Cycle 2 memory work and study. In our Bible reading we have pages for the Genesis passage. I also missed the old Foundation Guide’s choice of the Ephesians passage, mostly because I LOVE the Lisa McCann song for that. So this year, we will study Genesis in the fall semester along with our Astronomy science. Then we’ll study Ephesians in the spring along with our medieval studies. That’s just my plan. 

Two page printable hymn and poetry for homeschool morning time, boys smiling

How I use my homeschool morning menu

I’ve included Charlotte Mason’s affirmations (I am, I can, I ought, I will) along with a finishing phrase and supporting Bible verse I want our family to consider alongside each one. I plan to keep this page year-long, and evaluate the phrase and Bible verse choices for next year as my kids’ grow. I figure as we continue to work on character-building, our affirmations may shift slightly. 

The menu printable also includes a version without the verses, and one with only the statements, so you could customize by writing in your own statements and verses!

The other pages I swap out monthly to have fresh material for each season. 

Each day, we begin with our morning menu and review most of the pages daily. Then we move on to the items in our morning basket. 

What’s in my homeschool morning menu printable? 

Text, Bible memory printable and Charlotte Mason affirmation in a plastic cover
  • Charlotte Mason style affirmations with finishing phrase and Bible verse
  • Poetry – I selected poems that fit either: the seasons, CC science or history study, or written by authors of the CC time period we’re studying. In the sample December month, I have include “To a Snowflake,” by English poet Francis Thompson. However, because of the number of advanced vocabulary words and somewhat heady concepts (although so so beautiful and worthy) I have also included “In the Bleak Midwinter” by Christina Rosetti as easier reading for parents with preschool children. Each month in the 2022 set comes with two poems to give parents a choice between different levels of reading. 
  • Picture study/ Art – December’s printable includes Adoration of the Magi by Sandro Botticelli with a brief artist bio and something to “attend” to as you observe this painting. 
  • Bible Passages – Genesis 1:1-27 is included in this menu. Each trimester has a set of verses to study for three months, so the entire passage can be learned in a year’s time.  
  • How to use page – this contains some simple ideas about how we use these pages, as well as some sample picture study questions to get you started!

NOT included in my printable, but we use in our morning menu: 

Happy Hymnody’s Hymn of the Month – I highly recommend her choices and YouTube Channel. You can get the free printable of the month’s hymn here

TalkBox.Mom Spanish words and phrases – We’re enjoying learning Spanish together as a family, which I’ll talk about separately. Although we learn Spanish throughout the day, I often include some Spanish review in our morning time. So I’ve placed the phrase sheets into our menu. In December we are also adding a “Merry Christmas in Spanish” page to our Spanish, which I’ve included in a separate post. 

I also tried to keep the graphics simple and low-color for those who are trying to conserve on their ink. You can print this in greyscale if you want to save on color even more! 

Hand holding plastic menu sleeve with poem and artwork inside

Get a SAMPLE of the December Classical Morning Menu!

A homeschool morning menu can bring a sense of rhythm to your days; our classical morning menu offers truth, beauty and goodness for homeschoolers! This December printable contains poetry, art, and useful tips for your morning time! It’s a menu for a moveable feast of learning!

Again, the design has changed, so these older pictures are not what you will receive in your free sample! Here’s the cover of the new menu design:

Get a FULL YEAR of Morning Menus

NEW! The Medieval to Modern History Classical Morning Menu is now available!

This FULL YEAR morning menu set covers the same history eras and great artists featured in Classical Conversations Cycle 2. Literature is drawn from a bit later in the time period because this is geared for children ages 4-12. Here’s a sampling of the types of pages included in this 44 page resource!

Looking for more? I have other menu sets available as well:

The Ultimate Guide to Medieval History Lessons For Your Homeschool - You ARE an ARTiST!

Thursday 30th of June 2022

[…] extra literature and art study, I created a Medieval to Modern Classical Morning Menu for homeschool morning time. Each month features two poems and a Picture Study work of art to study […]


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