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Latch On! When Breastfeeding Fails

T Rex Mom

Saturday 28th of August 2010

My sister was pretty devastated when she could not continue breastfeeding. At the time we did not have enough of an idea of how to help her but I think if I knew what I know now, we could have probably helped her push through. And when we called the breastfeeding help line for the hospital they did not offer much in the way of help or suggestions. I can see exactly what Trisha is saying.I think my sister was comforted by the fact that she could now feed her baby without all the difficulty, pain, and frustration and see how happy the experience could be for the two of them rather than a constant battle. I feel truly blessed that I've never had any issues other than some of the normal stuff - soreness the first few weeks. But never a crack or anything. I had some training in lactation during my nurses training so that certainly helped. I am not sure if I had had any struggles if I'd be able to keep going. We're given those struggles with which we are able to handle, right?Thanks for some excellent breastfeeding posts this week.