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LEGO Builder Prompts With LEGO Classic

LEGO bricks – I have this love / hate relationship with them.

LOVE: When my kids tell me they made their own “creations” and builds.

HATE: I may or may not have stepped on a LEGO or two in my time… Or sucked one up in the vacuum. Just maybe! That fateful Schticka-ticka-rrrrrrrrtttttt followed by my children’s wailing is the worst!!

LOVE: Hearing the Shuusssh-clickity-rattle of LEGO bricks as the boys search through their LEGO box for the perfect piece.

HATE: The constant fight over who gets “the long chain” (do your kids have this ONE favorite part that EVERYONE wants!?!)

But mostly, I adore LEGO bricks!! You can even check out my I Love LEGO Pinterest board where I collect cool ideas that I will probably never do but love to look at! 🙂

I did have this one cool idea the other day for LEGO Builder Prompts. I’m guessing I heard or saw it somewhere, although potentially it came from my own brain, I can’t remember.

Anyway, I shared it with the boys and they really enjoyed it and ask to play this LEGO game often!

LEGO Builder Prompts

 LEGO Builder Prompts with LEGO Classic

It’s so simple and easy. You could do this today! I love those kinds of ideas!

All I did was grab a package of first words cards from the boys’ homeschool supplies. Then I picked through for the most visual ones. Images I thought had the potential to be built from LEGO bricks – but I also left in a few that I was unsure of just because, kids are so creative, I knew they’d find a way!

I’ve had a LEGO Classic Creative Supplement set for awhile now, and have kept it separate from the other LEGO sets so we could do some special activities and projects with the pieces. LEGO Classic kits are chock full of a rainbow of pieces in all shapes and sizes.

Each set includes classic LEGO bricks, a mix of special pieces and ideas, to help you get started, so your child will have everything they need to be inspired.

It’s perfect for independent builds and creations! Or, of course, to add to your home collection of LEGO bricks! There are bricks and blocks, eyes, various connector pieces. The set comes with an instruction paper that shares a few ideas for builds like a cool dinosaur or pirate ship!

I thought it would be best to give the LEGO Builder Prompt cards with this set so the boys would not have SO many LEGO bricks to sort through.

Lego Classic Builder Play

They loved the LEGO Builder Prompts challenge!

LEGO Classic Builder Prompts Apple

Honestly I wasn’t sure how they were going to create an apple. I thought perhaps a “flat” apple you just look at from the front? But my son created this hollow 3D apple complete with brown spots “Those are the rotten parts the worm ate!” he told me, because he ran out of red pieces. So clever!

Next he created a plane – pretty simple since he has been doing that with his main set before. But now he was limited to some more basic pieces, so I think that provided a challenge for him.

Lego Classic Airplane BuildLego Builder Playtime

He’s gone on to create lots of little builds with the LEGO Classic set and cards. I’m going to have to find a new deck of cards for him or print off some simple images soon!

So that’s our newest way to play LEGO in our house!


LEGO Builder Prompts

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What do you think? Could you image playing with LEGO prompts? How do your kids play LEGO in your house!? 

Trisha W.

Wednesday 4th of November 2015

I love the apple. So creative!


Monday 2nd of November 2015

I love this idea. What a great way to work on word recognition. Plus using their creativity with belived toys. Can't wait to try this.


Monday 2nd of November 2015

I love this idea. What a great way to work on word recognition. Plus using their creativity with belived toys. Can't wait to try this.