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Literacy Tips for Young Readers

I’m like the crazy cat lady. Only with books. I collect stray books. Well-loved old books. Shiny, sharp-edged new books. I swear my books have litters of baby books while we’re sleeping. I simply cannot relegate most books to the donate pile… I LOVE BOOKS!! And I love helping kids improve their literacy, so today I’m sharing some literacy tips for young readers.

I’ve definitely had a lifelong love of reading. the delight of words painting pictures in my mind’s eye. the way a story can reel you in, fly you away to new lands. the ability of stories to help us grapple with challenging concepts. Picture books introduce children to characters, conflicts, gorgeous artwork.

I love how books give me the words to explain life’s sadder moments to our children. When I can’t find the words to say it myself, I often rely on a well-told story to help my children understand our complicated world.

Books are indeed a treasure in our home. 

Literacy Tips for Young Readers

Do you know the signs of a struggling reader? Be sure to check those out. Sometimes reading difficulty stems from actual medical or physical development or delays.

And other times it has more to do with attitude and engagement. 

Here’s one of my favorite literacy tips from Usborne Books to help you engage your reluctant readers to build that love of reading:

usborne literacy-tip1

Other tips for encouraging literacy for young readers include:

  • Read-aloud daily. Kids are NEVER too old to be read aloud to. It helps their listening skills, and can be a great communication tool between parent and child.
  • Read-aloud books above their reading level – it helps them gain vocabulary, hear your clear diction / pronunciation, understand fluency and proper tempo of reading.
  • Use vocal inflection to show emotions of the story.
  • Ask questions before, during, and after reading to encourage mental engagement and check for their understanding.

What kind of books are you looking to include in your child’s home library? 

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Thursday 16th of June 2016

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