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I won’t cook dinner for another month with My freezer meal plans!

I’m excited about getting to review the Freezer Meal Plan Membership from MyFreezEasy, because it’s a tool that reduces decision-making stress for me! These downloadable plans make freezer cooking so fast and easy there is no excuse to not have a home-cooked meal ready, even with our busy schedule.

MyFreezEasy was created by Erin Chase, who you may recognize from the popular site $5 Dinners? Well the $5 Dinners brand put together another way to make life easier as we try to feed our family home-cooked meals!

myFreezEasy freezer meal plans

What you get with the Freezer Meal Plans

With the Freezer Meal Plan Membership from MyFreezEasy, you have tons of plans at your fingertips. Each month, new plans are posted. You can download and save all of them if you like! Or create your own custom plan.

myFreezEasy freezer meal plansIncluded in the PDF plans are:

  • 5 recipes with instructions for single meal prep or double meal freezer prep.
  • Complete shopping list by recipe
  • Complete shopping list by store section / category – this is a life-saver when shopping! Sides and garnishes you won’t need till the day of serving are marked.
  • Freezer Meal Prep Day Shopping List by Recipe and by store section – because some of the recipe items are not needed until the day of serving.
  • Meal Assembly Instructions – precooking and chopping directions that help you do things in an organized way.
  • Meal Assembly by Recipe
  • 1 Assembly vidoe per meal plan
  • Printable labels for your freezer bags – I just like to write in Sharpie marker so I skipped printing these

myFreezEasy meal plans

How to build a custom meal plan

If you select one of the eight preset meal menus for the month, you’ll get the PDF with all the recipes and instructions, set up for 4 servings each.

However, if you like a “buffet” of choices, then use the MyFreezEasy Meal Plan Builder to customize a meal plan.

  1. Select a Category (grab recipes from different categories).
  2. Select up to 5 recipes. Select a preset menu and customize from there if you just want to swap out one recipe.
  3. Adjust serving sizes to fit your family and recipes will be adjusted. Then drag the recipe your meal plan box.

It’s that easy to create a meal plan! I love how MyFreezEasy does the work of finding recipes that work well for freezing and storing.

Creating and freezing your recipes with MyFreezEasy

I created a customized All Beef plan, because we recently bought a quarter cow and I had loads of ground beef! I suggest selecting recipes that help you use up food you have a lot of in your house already!myFreezEasy freezer meal plansThe night before my cooking day, I shopped my pantry and pulled items on the shopping list. Then I went to the store and bought the rest of the items. I bought some frozen sides so I would have them for later, but if you like fresh sides, you’ll have to buy those shortly before you serve your freezer meal.

How long did it take me?! The next morning, I spent about 3 hours prepping and assembling the meals. It should not have taken me that long except I made my own bone broth for the eight cups of beef broth, so I had to spend extra time straining the broth. AND I had to cut a chuck roast into stew meat, which took more time. Otherwise, I think I’d have been done in just two hours. Also, because I chose All Beef and had to brown beef in waves b/c my pan is small, that added to my prep time. I think if I had just raw meat to chop and bag I’d have finished sooner.myFreezEasy freezer meal plansThe directions give you the order of prepping and assembly so you don’t waste time. Like for prep work, first you brown the beef and onions. Then chop raw veggies, open up all the cans, etc.

Finally, the exciting part – filling up those freezer bags. Each recipe actually makes TWO meals, so you just divvy up the ingredients according to the directions, drop in to the bags, seal and label!

We ate one of the meals – the Cheeseburger Chili – right away because I wanted to test taste! I ended up adding ketchup, mustard, and chili pepper to the recipe, because I wanted a bit more flavor. After making a few of the MyFreezEasy recipes, I’m learning they tend to be light on seasoning. This is probably good in a way, so families can customize seasonings as needed.

Tip: If you look at the last picture in the series below, you’ll see that I taped on some extra baggies of the garnish and cheese seasonings so I will be sure to have it for when I cook this meal!myFreezEasy freezer meal plans

I won’t cook dinner for a month with’s plans!

Think about it. How long does it take you to make a meal like Bolognese Sauce, or Cheeseburger Chili? And would you really be motivated on a busy night to make something as fancy sounding as Asian Beef Lettuce Wraps or Spanish Rice Skillet? How about a great comfort food like Slow Cooker Beef Stew? These meals either need to be prepped ahead or take a good 45 minutes to chop, prep and clean up. Times 10 meals? With MyFreezEasy, just a couple hours, gives you ten meals prepped in the freezer!

The next round of freezer meal plans, I’m doing the twenty meal plan, which is essentially an entire month’s worth of meals for my family. I won’t cook dinner for another month with’s freezer meal plans!

I mean. I’ll cook them but… the hour of planning, prepping and cleaning up? Not for a month! The few hours to prep and assemble these meals is totally worth it when I don’t have to think about dinner for a month. This kind of make-ahead meal planning just makes my life easier.

Learn how to do freezer meal cooking right! The member area includes tons of assembly videos where Erin teaches you the secrets of effective freezer cooking so you always love what is in your freezer!

myFreezEasy freezer meal plans

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