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Natural Benefits of Coffee – Coffee Blenders

Whenever people come to our home, they always comment on our Coffee Bar. I have a love of coffee and coffee makers. As we improve our diet and health , I’ve researching whether or not coffee is good for you. There are definitely pros and cons.

Yes, caffeine is a stimulant and I don’t recommend overdoing. However, as coffee is a natural source of caffeine (although I recommend organic beans for a purer product), so in moderation, there are natural benefits of coffee most of us can enjoy!natural benefits of coffee

Natural Benefits of Coffee:

  • Antioxidant boost! See it’s not just about the caffeine!
  • Caffeine for Mental Clarity and Alertness
  • MAY reduce risk of some diseases like Type-2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s and more (note, this is a MAYBE).

Now, when it comes to caffeine intake, your best source of caffeine is coffee. And by coffee, I don’t mean a highly sweetened and flavored latte or frappe! To really get the benefits of coffee / caffeine, it’s best drunk black with no sugar. This is a bitter pill, I know, but adding sugar and cream increases calories and fats, detracting or possibly eliminating the benefits. If you must have a sweetener, I recommend maple syrup for a lower glycemic index.

You might be surprised to know a plain cup of coffee has MORE caffeine than espresso. Yes! So the next time you hear someone say they are “hyped up” from an espresso shot, don’t buy it. A cup of coffee has approximately 138 mg of caffeine versus espresso at 125 mg. Cappuccinos lattes, and even tea drop way down to 60 mg or less! Iced teas and sodas are usually under 50 mg. And if you think you’re going to get your caffeine from chocolate, well… an ounce of semisweet chocolate has at best 18 mg. (Source: WebMD).

Coffee, in moderation, can provide some truly great natural benefits! I really love telling you that. Of course, by moderation, I mean 1-2 cups a day. And those are actual 8 ounce cups, not the “Extra Large” I see people toting around!

Of course, if you have high blood pressure or react strongly / negatively to caffeine, please avoid!

But what if your coffee could do more for you?

I was recently sent complimentary samples of a new K-cup coffee called Coffee Blenders.natural benefits of coffee

I’ve outlined some benefits of plain coffee, but what if your coffee could do more for you? Lately I’ve been trying out Coffee Blenders, which has three unique blends that add natural extracts to the coffee grounds to enhance the natural benefits of coffee. Coffee Blenders uses 100% Arabica beans prepared in small batch artisan roasts.

Lean: Yes, a coffee that can give a boost to your weight loss program! I’ve been starting my day out with a cup of Lean (or sometimes Escape!), because I’m still working on some minor weight loss goals. Does it work? I have been running more regularly but I was really struggling to get that toned feeling until I started drinking the Lean Coffee Blenders once a day for the past few weeks.

How it tastes: This coffee blend has fruity undertones, and is mildly acidic coffee.

Coffee Blenders Lean is fortified with Svetol®, a safe, all-natural plant extract of decaffeinated green coffee. Rich in active components that inhibit specific enzymes and shut down the glucose pathway in the body, Svetol® is clinically proven to burn fat and help you lose weight.

Focus: For improved mental clarity. I like to have a cup of Focus after dinner because that’s when I get most of my blogging work done. After a long day, I can use a little boost! Does it work? I’ve been drinking focus as my afternoon cup and I think it does keep me working steadily in the late evenings, a time when I was usually dragging.

How it tastes: There’s a slightly chocolatey, nutty taste to the Focus blend that I really like, and it’s extremely smooth.

Coffee Blenders Focus contains Cereboost™, a safe, all-natural plant extract derived from American Ginseng. Cereboost™ is clinically proven to improve brain function, especially in the cognitive areas of working memory and alertness.

Escape: Relieve stress and relax. You wouldn’t think a coffee would relax you, right? But with the L-Tea Active (an all-natural amino-acid found in green tea leaves), a cup of Escape coffee can help relieve minor stress without making you so relaxed you feel drowsy! It’s a great cup of coffee for when you want to multi-task without getting stressed! Does it work? Uhhhh…. yeah, I’m relaxing right now so I’ll have to get back to you on that!

How it tastes: I was surprised that Escape actually has the deepest flavor of the three blends, smokey in undertone.

Coffee Blenders Escape comes with L-Tea Active™, more commonly know as L-Theanine, a predominant amino acid found in green tea leaves. L-Tea Active™ is safe, all natural and clinically proven to induce relaxation without drowsiness while improving mental clarity.

Overall, I have enjoyed each of the three Coffee Blenders varieties, and because of their distinct benefits, I really have a hard time choosing my favorite between them! I will say that Escape is the perfect summer coffee to me, because we all need a little Escape in summer!

Find Coffee Blenders at or on the Coffee Blenders website! (Affiliate links)

Which of the Coffee Blenders would you most like in your life!?natural benefits of coffeeI was provided samples by Coffee Blenders for this post. All opinions are my own.



Monday 18th of August 2014

I love coffee. I love a nice French roast with French vanilla creamer. I'd like to try the Focus one.


Monday 18th of August 2014

I love coffee. I love a nice French roast with French vanilla creamer. I'd like to try the Focus one.

Amanda Sakovitz

Monday 18th of August 2014

I need the Escape the most. I like my coffee with cream and sugar.

Amanda Sakovitz

Monday 18th of August 2014

I need the Escape the most. I like my coffee with cream and sugar.

Laurie Emerson

Sunday 17th of August 2014

I definitely could use the Escape Dark Roast the most. I like my coffee black with a little bit of sugar in it.