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Natural Mood Boosters For Winter Using LIGHT!

This post is sponsored by Signify, maker of WiZ Connected smart lighting. 

When the leaves fall, so does my energy. Do the shortening days dim your energy as well? I started recognizing the dramatic effect sunlight (or lack thereof) had on my mood when I became a mom. To keep my energy levels up for the kiddos, I’ve used many natural mood boosters for winter months. 

Food, vitamins, exercise, and getting enough rest and water all play a role in boosting mood. So does lighting – especially in the winter months – which is why I recently upgraded my home lighting with WiZ Connected smart bulbs.

What’s a smart light bulb?

WiZ Connected makes Wi-Fi controlled LED light bulbs. Here, I’m using the dimmable bulb in soft white.

Phone app with light fixture

It’s so easy to control the smart light bulbs. You just use the WiZ app on your phone. Or even by your voice if you have an Amazon Alexa-enabled device. WiZ also works with the Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts. 

Getting started is really as simple as screwing in the light bulb, downloading the WiZ app, and letting the app find the bulb. It took me all of one minute. The app gives you the ability to control any WiZ light bulb that is synced with your ecosystem, while you’re at home or away! Check out a few of their smart light bulb options:

LED light bulbs

These light bulbs can not only help you set a mood in your house, but also help you naturally boost your own mood too! 

But how, exactly, does a light bulb help boost our mood naturally? Let’s check out how light bulbs can be natural mood boosters for winter and see just where WiZ Connected smart bulbs can help.

Natural Mood Boosters for Winter

Get enough sleep. 

Good sleep is always a healthy choice. But at different times in our life and during the year, getting quality sleep is hard to come by. The key to good sleep is having a consistent time you go to bed and wake up. However, even when you have a routine in place, Daylight Savings Time throws that habit out of whack immediately!

The WiZ Connected bulb has a Rhythm setting to slowly dim on and off and support your circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythm is our body’s built-in system that regulates our waking and sleeping patterns. And, although subconscious, these rhythms adjust to our environment. That’s why Daylight Savings Time can throw us off so much! 

Phone app for smart lightbulb

Since these light bulbs can turn on/off to the circadian rhythm setting you set (via a handy 24 hour wheel), you can use a light bulb in your bedroom to help keep your sleep cycle steadier by having the light transition slowly from daylight to a dim, warm white throughout the day. Thus, easing shifts to our body’s internal clock.  

Relieve Stress and Boost your Mood in Winter

Oh right. Just snap, and it’s gone. I know, it’s not that easy. One way to relieve stress is to take time to do something special for yourself. For some people that might be taking a bath, reading a book, journaling, or working on a hobby project. 

A WiZ Connected light can make “you time” feel extra special because the light bulbs have all these really unique features. Like the Candlelight Glow setting. Use that one in the bathroom and take a nice hot bath! Or try the Steampunk setting and read a Victorian-era novel as if by gaslight!

hand holding out phone with app for lightbulb

Light for your daily living

Of course, natural sunlight will be the best thing for a low mood. But proper home lighting can go a long way to mood boosting as well. Here’s the problem – you’re gone all day at work or errands, and it gets dark earlier. So, you end up coming home to a dark house where you probably don’t turn on the lights until you get in the door and drop off your things. 

But what if you could arrive home to a warm glow beckoning you? Wouldn’t you just feel so cozy and welcomed? It would probably relieve some stress. 

Phone taking picture of room

With the WiZ Connected light bulb, you can set schedules to have lights go on and off at certain times. Adjust those to your work or life routines so you always have a light on if it’s dark out! But without the energy waste of actually leaving the light on all day, of course! 

Or, set Scenes with the app, where you have your favorite light settings saved via a photo you take. Then on pulling in the driveway, just tap the app and immediately your favorite light settings will turn on as you get your things from the car. 

I am sure I haven’t even begun to touch on all of the amazing ways these WiZ smart light bulbs could help improve your mood as we move from fall into winter and support your daily living 365 days a year. You’ll have to try one out for yourself and let me know how you use light in your home as a natural mood booster! 

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DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by Signify, maker of WiZ Connected smart lighting, and I was provided compensation and products in exchange. All opinions are my own. 

Brett Martin

Thursday 19th of November 2020

Oh I need these for my husband! He gets seasonal affect stuff- and while he's working from home full time due to corona, he's also working in the basement, so the lack of daylight is still an issue. These would be super great to use down there for him!

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