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Oh, How He Loves Us – Christmas Poem 2017

This year, for a change of pace from our usual Truth in the Tinsel Christmas countdown activities, we had the opportunity to use The Christmas Cross Hunt book. The activities and connections between the scriptures of Jesus’ birth and death were wonderful to study this month.

As much as my kids enjoyed running around finding the cross and doing the crafts and all, I kept being drawn to the parallels and prophecies fulfilled.

So this year’s Christmas poem uses the lines of poetry, humble rhyming quatrains, to highlight a few of these amazing Christmas and the Cross connections.

Oh, How He Loves Us

How he was laid–

Gently in a manger

How he was laid—

In the tomb of a stranger

How he was praised—

Glory in the Highest

How he was raised—

The dayspring who visits us

How God so gave—

His life for the world

How He shall save—

His people shall be healed

How he was found—

Kings and shepherds wonder

How grace abounds—

A child became our Savior!


–Julie Kieras, 2017

Merry Christmas to all my friends and readers!!

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Amanda Alvarado

Monday 25th of December 2017