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Organize your Fridge Quickly with These Tips

Do you ever stare into the fridge and wonder what to make for lunch or dinner? Same! Sometimes, a big part of the issue is my fridge is disorganized, hiding many of the ingredients that might inspire my meal prep. I recently cleaned and organized my fridge with HEXA™ in-fridge organizers to help me keep food fresh and accessible! I’m sharing my tips for how to organize your fridge quickly for better efficiency (and style!)

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Here’s my BEFORE Fridge – Pretty jumbly in there! No idea what I have on hand for dinner veggies (we eat a lot of veggies and I go crazy buying produce, so I’m always stuffed to the gills, but inevitably, food spoils because I forget about it!). 

What I love about HEXA in-fridge organizers

Let me just share the quick TL:DR facts! HEXA by Spectrum in-fridge organizers are stylish and functional with many features that just make sense.


    • Stackable bins let you fill larger spaces with multiple containers
    • Scooped front handles give easy access to foods
    • Variety of sizes to fit your needs: eggs, cans, produce, herbs
    • HEXA patterned insert (that’s HEXOLOGY!) lifts foods like produce off the bottom of the tray, allowing air flow which keeps foods fresher for longer
    • Clear plastic gives maximum visibility and can be written on with dry erase marker (so you can clearly let family know what is NOT FOR EATING when planning meals ahead of time!).   
    • The slender design allows bins to fit into just about any shelf situation. 

Tips to Organize your Fridge Quickly

1. Use the Right Container for the Job

Confession: prior to organizing my fridge with the HEXA in-fridge organizers, I was simply using a plastic shoebox. The oversized nature of this container choice, plus its ridged bottom made it a little clunky for my fridge. 

HEXA organizers are more streamlined and the various sizes let me customize my fridge layout much better. Packages and foods stay standing up for a neater, cleaner look.  

2. Consider changing your current fridge layout 

Organizing frees up space that gets lost when too many foods and packages pile up. Organizing with HEXA helps you make the most of the space for efficiency! Cleaning and organizing my fridge forced me to rethink my fridge layout. Are those yogurt cups really best kept in the back bottom shelf? Should peanut butter and jelly roam freely in the fridge? High-usage items need to be right up front so there’s no rummaging. 

I’ll admit, when I started organizing, I thought to myself, “These bins are going to eat up my fridge space.” I expected to have to move some of my food items to the downstairs fridge. I am happy to report that not only was this NOT the case, but I actually ended up with some EMPTY shelf space after reorganizing (and no, I didn’t throw out ANY food in the process so everything that was in at the start was in at the end too!). 

3. Make high-demand and fast-spoiling items a priority 

Truly, these bins make my fridge operate more efficiently. My favorite part of my new HEXA organization is the large bins I placed on the bottom shelf and filled with extra produce (I always have more produce than fits in the crisper bin). Usually, a bag of something will end up shoved to the back of the fridge and spoil as a result. But now, I can pull out the bin and see  everything I have available when planning and making meals. 

Plus, I have a bin smack in the middle of the fridge where I will put produce that needs to get eaten right away. 

I also dedicated one bin for kids snacks – things like yogurts and cheese sticks will go here, so my boys know exactly what is available to them when they say, “Can I have a snack!” No more rummaging and keeping the fridge door open forever! And I’ll know exactly when I need to add snacks to the grocery shopping list. Win-win!

4. Group items by their usage for max efficiency 

And how about that lazy Susan? I have never thought about having a lazy Susan in the fridge! Seriously, I was dubious about this idea. But after deciding to make it a sandwich condiment station, I see the value, because now we won’t have to hunt for the basics: PB&J, mayo, and pickles all conveniently collected! There’s plenty of room to place other containers behind or around it, so I think it actually made my fridge easier to use.

Also, when it’s “DIY lunchtime,” I can pull this lazy Susan out of the fridge, set it on the counter and let everyone get to work building their sammies! So it keeps my counters organized too.

You can efficiently store fragile items like eggs in the HEXA egg bin – the sturdy container with hexagon-shaped pattern holds 18 eggs and will not bend or crack like disposable cartons do when they are handled wrong. You can pull out this egg tray for handy breakfast-making or baking! 

Same for HEXA’s drink can dispenser. I love that it can fit 12 cans right in the fridge for grabbing – now I don’t have to continually shift all the cans of seltzer around to get at items. Plus, the cans don’t fall over from my kids’ rummaging (and get “shaken” accidentally). When guests come over, I can pull out this already-chilled dispenser and put it on the counter for everyone to grab a refreshing drink!

Enjoy your freshly organized fridge!

Here it is – the BEFORE & AFTER:

These in-fridge organizers will help me keep my fridge clean and smell fresh. Since my produce is all in bins, there will be no more sticky spots on the fridge shelf. I’ll be able to pull out a bin and wash it separately if something gets spoiled or leaky. 

One final organizer to share, which is actually outside the fridge. That’s the Disinfecting Wipes Container. Instead of having a glaring lemon-yellow, mint-green, or purple container throwing off your decor flow, you can maintain a modern or neutral look with the sleek white storage container. Now, our family isn’t one to use chemical wipes; but I think this will be a great place to store my DIY wipes with our homemade disinfecting solution. I’ve never enjoyed using an old plastic container for these, so I’m excited about the stylish HEXA wipes container! 

If you only organize your fridge when something starts smelling… maybe you need these HEXA in-fridge organizers from Spectrum! They’ll inspire you to organize, and I think they’ll help keep your fridge clean and food fresh for longer. Side benefits might include less energy wasted from keeping the fridge door open for long periods, and faster meal and grocery planning. 

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