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12 Awesome Outdoor Games for Your Next Picnic

With so many summer parties and picnics going on, it’s a good idea to have a few games or activities for people to play. Better yet, try these 12 awesome outdoor games for your next picnic!

Whenever I plan a party or picnic, one of my first stops (after Pinterest! ha!), is Oriental They asked me to share some of my favorite summer fun items, and I could hardly narrow it down to one topic! But picnic games are definitely my favorite, so let me share a few of my favorite outdoor games and activities from Oriental Trading.

outdoor games for picnic

12 Awesome Outdoor Games for Your Next Picnic

outdoor games for picnicActive games like Crawl Through Arches, Ladder Ball or playing with a 12 Foot Super Sturdy Parachute keeps a party in motion!

  • Crawl Through Arches reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and the croquet scene! Perfect if you’re having a themed party (new movie just came out!).
  • Play some music and have kids try to keep time while all holding onto the giant parachute – that gets hilarious pretty quickly!
  • Ladder ball is perfect for smaller yards, and it’s easy to set up and have people take turns playing at their leisure.
  • And who could resist a big giant 6 foot beach ball? Kids will create their own memorable time and invent games with something this wildly fun!

outdoor games for picnic 3For kids who love to run, try some racing games.

  • Connect It 3-Legged Race Bands makes getting an old-school race up and running in no time!
  • Or try Patriotic Potato Sacks for a quick-start competition! These two are great choices for family reunions and backyard picnics!
  • The Bucket Game is a twist on the classic game of tag. Strap a bucket to the back of each child’s waist, and have them run around trying to fill each other’s buckets with bean bags!

outdoor games for picnicGiant Board games are a fun way to have fun when you may not have space for running around. Or you have people at the party who can’t be as active.

  • Oversized garden dice is a great option for a crowd-sized game of Yatzhee!
  • Pull out the sheet-sized Outdoor Snakes & Ladders games and surprise everyone!
  • Giant domino pieces add new dimension to this oldie-but-goodie game! It’s a great one for playing with adults and children as teams!

outdoor games for picnicTabletop and handheld games make a classic choice for picnic table excitement.

  • I recommend a classic like a real Bingo game with tumbling wooden balls. I remember playing this at my Grandma’s house when I was a kid – the sound of the wooden beads means summer family gatherings to me!
  • Or pegboard games – set those out on each party table while people wait to eat!

Classic outdoor games are “classic” for a reason – they are simple, easy to set up and play, easy to learn, and allow a large group of people to have fun together!

I hope you enjoy this summer time of fun with these super-fun outdoor games for your next picnic!

outdoor games for picnicWhat’s your favorite picnic or outdoor party game to play!?

This is a sponsored post and I received product in exchange for posting. All opinions are my own.