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PeePods Period Pads ~ Making a Difference For Women

One idea fascinating me lately is wondering how much I can make a difference in our family’s life by “reducing” our lifestyle. Frankly, I’m ready for simplicity.

I’m also ready to save money, improve my health, and support small business. All can be done by switching to reusable cloth menstrual pads (also known as “mama cloth”).

The first time I tried cloth pads a couple years ago, I was skeptical. But truthfully it was such an easy and positive experience, I have continued to use them (not exclusively yet, but maybe someday!).

When PeePods sent me a set of cloth pads at no charge for review, I was interested to try out a variety of sizes for different days of my cycle. They also recommend their pads for mild incontinence (and what woman who’s had babies doesn’t understand THAT?!).

The Deluxe Set of 7 Period Pads includes three panty liners, two day pads, and two night pads as well as a Planet Wise wet/travel bag. These pads are machine washable and dry able.

PeePods period pads are pretty (dignified, they say!), with floral snapping “wings” and two deep color sets to pick from (Chocolate and Cranberry). The darker colors prevent staining so the pads continue to look nice wash after wash. (Other products come in different colors!).

The snaps keep the pad in place unlike sticky wings on disposable pads that get all stuck to themselves.

Comfortably made of flannel, PeePod pads make no paper-crunchy noises. (Ya know?). Because the pads are slimline and soft, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them!

For me, the absorbency was perfectly fine, although I never have heavy flow, so all I can say is I feel confident these would do well still.

For storing used pads, you simply fold them up on themselves and snap closed, then place in the small wetbag that comes with each set.

Two more reasons to check out PeePods cloth pads is cloth pads save money (over time), and they are healthier than using disposable feminine products which always have those TSS warnings on them. No TSS warnings for cloth!!

So, would you or do you use cloth pads? Check out PeePods washable period pads – they also make incontinence pads, postpartum pads, and breastfeeding pads. For every set sold, PeePods donates the same set to a hospital in Ethiopia to help women in need. Isn’t that wonderful? Using cloth period pads can make a difference in your life and another woman’s as well!

Thanks to PeePods for sending samples for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Laurie Emerson

Wednesday 3rd of July 2013

I have never tried them before as I was not sure how soft they would be against your skin. After your review and the comments though, I am not afraid to try them anymore.

Monique Eckert

Wednesday 3rd of July 2013

I haven't started yet but we cloth diaper. I guess the start up cost has been an issue.


Wednesday 3rd of July 2013

I've just started using cloth and have a few but would love some more. 4 is not nearly enough.


Wednesday 3rd of July 2013

I haven't tried them yet....I'm a little worried about carrying the used ones around, having to wash them, and if they will definitely protect my clothing.

Amanda G.

Wednesday 3rd of July 2013

I've been using cloth pads for years. I would never go back to using paper.