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Personalized Coloring Ideas for Kids with Crayola My Way

Since the dawn of personalized stickers, pencils, and cups, kids have loved having their things marked with their name!

The trend continues toward greater customization and personalization options in kids’ toys. And with the other trend of unique names and name spellings rising, that’s a good thing! Our boys have unusual names, and I’m unlikely to find my boys’ names on the kiosk of dangling keychains!

Last year, before Christmas, I shared the Crayola Crayon Carver with you, as one way to allow kids to create their own personalized crayons! Such a fun maker-tool for kids!

personalized coloring ideas for kids featureHere are a few more personalized coloring ideas for Kids

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Create a personalized coloring book featuring your child’s favorite animal! All you have to do is google the animal name + “coloring sheet” and you’ll find dozens of selections to print. After printing about 10-12 sheets, staple a piece of card stock to the front and back, and a personalized coloring book is made!

Design personalized crayon rubbing plates. You can create your child’s name, or a favorite motif (stars, hearts, and other designs) for them to create crayon rubbings on paper. Find the tutorial here.

Create a custom box or art case of crayons. Every child has a favorite color (or two!) don’t they!? My oldest has loved the color green since he could first name colors, and he still adores green to this day. My youngest loves anything orange, in any shade!

But isn’t it a shame when the box only has one or two of those favorite colors, and pretty soon those are colored down to a nub? Crayola My Way has the answer for favorite color personalization: Custom Crayon Boxes and Art Cases!

Personalized coloring ideas for kids collage 1What is the Crayola My Way experience?

Crayola My Way ExperienceIt’s so genius and easy, you’ll want to make these all the time for parties, prizes, and favors! Simply visit the Crayola My Way site and begin the process of creating your own box of crayons.

Select the size of your box (8, 64, or art case). Then select the design motif for the outer box.

Now the fun part – select crayon sleeves in your favorite colors!! I created the art case for my boys to share. I selected three sleeves of green shades, and three of orange tones. The rest of the box is filled with Crayola colored pencils and markers, and although you don’t get to pick those colors, there are so many choices!

Finally, for ultimate personalization, upload a photo of your child (or group!), and type in the text you want under their photo. Since my boys are sharing the case, I added a photo of the two of them, wearing their favorite colors: green and orange!Personalized coloring ideas for kids collage 2

My aspiring artists were delighted when they discovered their new personalized art case during our homeschooling copywork session! They each took over their favorite colors and happily spent the morning coloring away!

I love how the case is a handy way of keeping their coloring supplies neat and organized. But most of all, I loved the sheer joy on their faces when they saw rows and rows of shiny new crayons in their very favorite colors!

The Crayola My Way experience is so easy to complete, and just one of many personalized coloring ideas for kids that makes a unique option for gifts and prizes for the little artists you love in your life!

personalized coloring ideas for kids pinHow would you customize your box of crayons?

This post was sponsored by Crayola and I received a product to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. 

Nicole Elliott

Thursday 7th of April 2016

My kids would seriously love this!! :D