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Why Preventative Health Care for Men Matters

When was his last doctor visit? I bet your husband or boyfriend or brother or father can’t remember, am I right? A recent survey by Orlando Health showed that men avoid the doctor for two main reasons: they claim to be too busy, or afraid of finding out something’s wrong with them. Preventative health care for men matters, and it’s time we convince the men in our lives to take some action!

preventative health care for men

Why preventative health care for men matters

Establishing a baseline of health when a person feels well helps avoid more serious health problems later on. Health baselines allow doctors to determine what is “normal” for an individual, and can be helpful when diagnosing health problems later on.

In the United State, men live, on average, 7 years less than women. Partially, this is because men don’t focus on preventative care as much as women do.

Early detection of cancer and other diseases can help save lives!

Preventative care not only helps you avoid health problems, but most preventative care is fully covered by your health care plan!

What preventative health care for men is most important?

Getting adult health screenings for

  • obesity,
  • cardiovascular health,
  • diabetes,
  • blood pressure,
  • cholesterol, and
  • abdominal aneurism

allows doctors to find problems early and treat them more effectively.

Screenings and counseling in areas like nutrition, sun exposure, physical activity and other lifestyle areas can be valuable in boosting overall health in males over the age of 18.

preventative health care for menSOURCE: “Men’s Preventative Health Game Plan.” United Healthcare. 2012.

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