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Quick side dishes make for easy entertaining

This post was sponsored by Ling Ling, all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Every year our family has more to celebrate. We’re delighted to see our boys growing up and love to celebrate life’s big and small events, from first basketball games to birthday parties. Of course, all these celebrations, involve food. A fun way to celebrate life events is with quick side dishes as appetizers! A quick side dish makes easy entertaining for a crowd! (or a few!)

quick side dishes

Quick side dishes makes for easy entertaining

My son just turned eight, and we always invite family to celebrate. Over the years, I’ve learned to scale back on the party prep so I can be present during the party for my kids. One of the ways I make party prep easier is using prepared frozen foods. You can put together a delicious and enjoyable meal by combining related appetizer and side dishes.

And that’s exactly what I did for my 8-year-old’s Ninja themed birthday party this year!

Thanks to Ling Ling Asian foods quick side dishes and entrees, I pulled together my son’s birthday party in no time. Instead of spending a small fortune on take-out foods, I picked up a few packages of Ling Ling’s easy to prepare frozen Asian foods. I’ve noticed Ling Ling products are available everywhere from our local ShopRite and Stop & Shop, to even club sized packages at BJ’s Wholesale! I love how easy this makes it to grab special foods for a special day.

quick side dishes

On the day of the party, I started cooking about forty-five minutes before our twenty guests arrived. I put a pan of Ling Ling vegetable spring rolls in the oven first because those are fairly low maintenance. Next, I started a skillet of Ling Ling’s vegetable potstickers, because they take a little longer to come to a boil and “stick.” Then, I used a skillet to cook up the Ling Ling Yakatori Fried Rice which took about ten minutes total! (for the party, I have a seriously huge pan I use for making paella that I cooked up three whole boxes of fried rice in all at once!!). The fried rice was really the star of the evening, because it is packed with protein and veggies, and because it’s just so scrumptious!

quick side dishes

As each side dish finished cooking, I put them in my warming oven. All the dishes were done fairly close in time. I made another pan of potstickers just in case people were really hungry.

Everyone kept asking where I got the food. “Ling Ling!” I smiled and told them! They wanted to know where that restaurant was, and I just laughed and told them it was located in my freezer! They couldn’t believe I hadn’t gotten this delicious food from a take-out place! My mom thought I’d made the fried rice from scratch! The comments ranged from, “I can’t believe this was frozen!” to “This is seriously SO good!”quick side dishes

I know what everyone in my family will be enjoying next time they’re craving Asian food! With Ling Ling’s many flavors and choices you can do some easy entertaining for a crowd, or just enjoy an easy night in with the family!

Ling Ling Potstickers, Spring Rolls, and Fried Rice come in several flavors and ensure there’s something for everyone’s taste. I love the flavor of the potstickers, as you can see from my last post where I shared my easy Asian Potsticker Slaw Recipe. All the Ling Ling foods are delicious and best of all, so easy to prepare in just about ten minutes per package!

quick side dishes

More quick side dishes from Ling Ling

Ling Ling Fried Rice – Who expected me to be able to pull off home-cooked fried rice for a party? (My mom apparently!) Luckily with the help of easy Ling Ling side dishes, I served up a steaming dish of flavor-infused rice bursting with vegetables and protein.

Ling Ling Asian noodles – these authentic noodles come drenched in scrumptious sauces. Pick either the Drunken Noodle or Yakisoba Noodle. You’ll get a meal filled with protein and flavor. Because these would be a bit messy to eat, I didn’t make these for our party!

Ling Ling Potstickers – Can I say enough good things? These tender dumplings filled with veggies and chicken (or pork) disappeared in minutes!

Party prep this year could not have been easier with Ling Ling to make the day special, delicious, and easy on this mom! Use Ling Ling Asian Foods as an appetizer, a side dish, or to make a semi-homemade recipe. Everyone will be scooping up the yummy flavors of these dishes and I doubt you’ll have leftovers!quick side dishes