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Recipe for happy road trippers

Ours has been a summer of road trips and day trips… camping trips and family visits.

You’d think I’d have this packing thing down to a science. Checklists? Yes, in spades. Forgetting things. Also, yes!

Now that the baby is older, we’re being more spontaneous. We might decide to take off for a park picnic on a whim, or drive down to the beach for the day. But that means I don’t have lot of time to prep and pack snacks! So sometimes I forget to pack enough or the right kinds of snacks.

When SunRidge Snacks sent me a box of snacks at no charge for review last month, I hit upon a super fast and easy solution for my snack-packing woes: Mix them up! So I did!

The “recipe” for a happy (snack-ful) road trip is so simple:

I just poured Organic Banana ChipsOrganic RaisinsOrganic Whole Almonds, and Organic Sunny Bears into  a bowl! What a pretty mixture! I added Cheerios too, since the baby’s not eating any of the Sunridge Snack items yet.

Voila! A pretty (and hearty) trail mix, nearly instantly! I enjoyed being able to customize the ratios in my mix, because I like lots of nuts but not so many raisins!

I left the trail mix out in a bowl for random snacking throughout the day. But I could easily throw it in a bag for one of our quick trips!

Ooh,… I was thinking some big chunky unsweetened coconut flakes might taste awesome in the mix too!

I also tried the Organic Mango Slices from Sunridge Farms. I love the ingredients list: Organic Mangoes. That’s all it should be! They are soft-ish, chewy, naturally sweet, and delicious. I love me some mango! (and hubby doesn’t so they are ALLLLLL mine!).

We work hard to avoid getting caught out of the house without a snack or meal (which leads to poor eating choices, usually), so I have enjoyed sampling Sunridge Farms products, and I know I’ll keep their snacks on hand for our travels.

I also love the mission of SunRidge Farms:

…committed to providing the healthiest products to our customers by producing foods without highly processed or refined ingredients. We also source Non-GMO (genetically modified) ingredients whenever possible… supports organic farming and sustainable practices.

SunRidge Farms offers all-natural and organic snacks: candies, nuts, dried fruits, and trail mixes. They’ve been making for happy snackers for the past thirty years! Keep an eye out for SunRidge Farms in your local store, or purchase their natural and organic snacks on (This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.).

What do you bring on road trips for snacking? How do you remember to pack everything you need!?