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How to Savor Spring: Shoe Styles for Kids from Kamik Footwear

We’ve barely had signs of spring here in the northeast, and already my boys are asking to go outside daily! Many times a day! Rain or shine, they want to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air (or playing ding-dong-ditch on Mommy!). I can’t blame them – it’s been delightful to enjoy spring air without bulky coats and sweaters. Here’s how to savor spring with shoe styles for kids from Kamik Footwear!

Spring Shoe Styles for Kids

This is a sponsored post with Kamik Footwear.

How to Savor Spring with Kamik Footwear

Spring Shoe Styles for Kids

Play in the rain. Honestly, nobody is going to melt. Throw on a rain coat and some rainboots and let your kids stomp around. You might have a little extra laundry but… they’ll remember those rainy playdates forever!

Tromp in the garden. You probably haven’t even planted anything yet. Or maybe you’re turning over the soil. In springtime here in the northeast, most gardens are still under construction, so it’s a great time to let your kids have at it. Give them little rakes and shovels and let them muck around. Rain boots are also perfect gardening shoes, because their mostly smooth surfaces don’t hold the dirt as easily as sneakers. And they’re easy to hose off before returning into the house.

Spring Shoe Styles for Kids

I love Kamik Footwear’s RainPlayLo rain boot, because it’s shorter than most rain boots, coming just above the ankle. Their shorter height makes them easier for little kids to slide in and out of too, so kids can dress themselves for the outdoors with greater independence. Another cool feature: NiteRays Reflective technology, so if your kids are playing at dusk, they’ll be safer because their footwear will reflect light!

Spring Shoe Styles for Kids

Hike your backyard. Our yard is a postage stamp at barely a quarter acre. Yet we make the most of it! The boys run circles around the house, crunch leaves at the edges of the yard, turn over rocks near our fence, and balance on the rock edgings of our gardens. Challenge your kids to find new ways to explore this familiar territory! And be sure to protect those little toes from stubbing themselves with a sturdy pair of sandals.

Spring Shoe Styles for Kids

The Crab sandal from Kamik has a protected toe guard and a fully covered back to protect the heel. A one-pull bungee lacing system is easy for kids to strap on and get to the important business of exploring! Plus, as the weather grows hotter, the breathability of this sandal will keep them comfortably playing outdoors.

Get Kamik Footwear’s spring shoe styles for kids!

Kamik has over 100 years of commitment to quality and sustainability. Their goals are 100% waste recycling and zero waste production. 73% of their products are made in North America, too, reducing emissions created by cross-continental freight! Customers can even give old boots to participating retailers who will return them to Kamik to be recycled into new products!

The Kamik Spring / Summer 2017 shoe collection has rain boots, sandals, and trendy styles for kids and their grown ups!

Get the Crab Sandal – $39.99 – comes in Toddler and Children’s sizes and six colors: Plum, Magenta, Green/Navy, Purple, Blue, Black

Grab a pair of RainPlayLo rain boots – $30.9 – Toddler and Children’s sizes and three two-tone color pairings, plus a solid green: Navy/Magenta, Blue/Orange, Teal/Lavender

How will you and your kids enjoy spring? 

Spring Shoe Styles for Kids

Thanks to Kamik Footwear for providing products to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.