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Stone Notes

There are certain things about being a new parent I want to set in stone. They aren’t huge milestones necessarily, or big, mountain sized events… just little pebbles that I want to collect, share, and comb through as the years roll on… I don’t want to forget:

  • How the moment the nurse said “You have a boy!” I thought “I knew it was going to be a boy!”
  • That feeling of amazement walking out of the hospital with our very first baby
  • How light he felt in my arms that first week, compared to how heavy you feel now, 7 pounds later!
  • His daddy holding baby on his chest when he was just a few days old
  • How our baby looks like a little caterpillar in a chrysalis when wrapped in his SwaddleMe
  • How he used to say “Goink, Goink, Goink!” when we gave him the pacifier, especially when he was just crying
  • How he would stretch whenever he woke up, throwing both hands, balled into fists above his head
  • How he used to sleep with his hands sticking up in the air, fingers splayed out (until we discovered the SwaddleMe!)
  • His big laugh at just 2 months! How his eyes light up, he opens a wide, toothless mouth and just screeches with laughter, or gives a series of chuckles
  • The softness of his skin
  • The way he tucks his chin, creating a double chin making him look all serious like he’s considering the situation
  • The way he loves hearing the water in the tub
  • Crying when reading Love You Forever (I don’t think I can read that book again!)
  • How he sighs when I have him laying against me, rocking – so contented!
  • How he reminds me of a little panda cub clinging to me when I carry him around the house
  • The way he can be screaming bloody murder with someone else, but then he quiets right down when I hold him
  • His denim blue eyes just locked onto my face when I sat next to him on the car ride home from church
  • How happy he is in the morning
  • His little bum! (Sorry, can’t help it – it’s just too cute!)
  • The “words” he has started saying: “Ah-goo! ah-eek”
  • His karate kicks in the play gym
  • The way he spits when he loses his binky or doesn’t like something
  • How I have learned his tired cry, his hungry cry, and his upset cry

Oh, there is so much to remember – things you can’t take pictures or videos of… I just hope I keep remembering to write them down!