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These summer days – Fashion for boys with Gymboree

I feel summer coming in every fibre of my bones… but my eyes tell me, too.

We’ve picked our first bowl of red strawberries. And every morning, the boys rush to the door asking to go outside. Even if it’s raining.summer fashion for boys

Nothing shows how much winter coops us in than these first warm days when our boys tumble out of the house like so many puppies, wriggling, and running in circles, and if they had tails, they’d be wagging.

My oldest tells me he has “work” to do in the backyard: road construction, dinosaur digging, delivering Daddy’s newspaper on the back of his big wheel, and perfecting his roll down the hill. Play is the work of the child – someone important like Mr. Rodgers or Plato said that.summer fashion for boyssummer fashion for boys

And when it’s Memorial Day, and Flag Day, and Fourth of July day… my boys are eager to put on their “‘merican shirts” and say the pledge and walk on top of walls and point at planes and tell everyone “There’s stars! On the back!”

I watch these little blonde boys run into summer without looking back. These are the moments, the giggles, the messes, and the antics to cherish during next winter’s indoor days.

summer fashion for boyssummer fashion for boys


For summer, Gymboree sent me to shop their stores for summer fashion for boys. It’s all about the sharks, the surf, the stripes for boys this season! I stocked up on basic play clothes, patriotic-themed shirts, and graphic tees for the boys. Camo, denim and knit shorts in bold striped colors give any kids’ wardrobe a boost!

Gymboree’s clothing has never disappointed me – and I’ve been buying their clothes for my kids for the past four years! Always adorable in motif, very durable, and most pieces are generously sized.

Here’s a few more outfits I created at Gymboree (since my boys protest more than a few outfit changes in one day – they say it’s not in their contract!).

Gymboree Shark Camo Outfit
Gymboree Baby Shark Outfit

This is a sponsored post with Gymboree and I received a promotional item as compensation. All opinions are my own.


Saturday 7th of June 2014

I did not see those shark shorts! I need them! Well, P does! :)


Saturday 7th of June 2014

I did not see those shark shorts! I need them! Well, P does! :)