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Throw a Birthday Party With Ease! Party Planning Ebook

I’m coming up (too quickly!) on a decade of being a mom AND running this blog. Surprisingly, I discovered that my birthday party planning posts are always in my most popular posts! So… my idea to create a party planning book to help parents throw a birthday party with ease was born. And now I give you: DO-able Yourself Birthday Parties – an ebook all about simple celebrations for families! 

If you’ve been following along on my social media in January, you know all about “the birthday book!” I really did write this for YOU, dear reader! After all, you’re the ones who’ve been visiting my site year after year, and helping me do what I do here! 

Throw a birthday party with ease

Throw a Birthday Party with Ease!

I wrote this book for all of us who like to dabble in crafts, but… maybe have to re-learn our skills every time we make something. Anybody else!? This is definitely me! I love making things, but I am not incredibly skilled at any one craft. 

What I love to do though, is look at a craft idea on Pinterest… and come up with a way to

do it easier…

in fewer steps…

on a small budget! 

So my birthday parties are simple DIY, a little homespun, a little semi-homemade. And yeah, that Dinosaur cake wins no prizes! But my kids LOVE these parties, and love creating them to show my kids they truly are seen… known…loved. 

Birthday parties are a chance to stop and celebrate a beautiful life… together!

What’s in the DO-able Yourself Birthday Parties ebook? 

So I did a soft-launch of my ebook DO-able Yourself Birthday Parties a week ago (if you’re an email subscriber, you get first dibs on all my news!). And now I’m launching my first book baby out into the world!

Birthday Book Testimonial

In this 50+ page PDF ebook, you’ll find: 

  • 100+ tips and ideas with some photos from my own children’s parties:
    • Invitation ideas
    • Decorating the house (store-bought, semi-homemade, and full-fledged DIY ideas)
    • Party food/menu ideas (with sample menus from my own parties!)
    • Cake decorating ideas
    • Setting up a dessert table
    • Planning games and activities
  • 2 personal reflection chapters help you consider
    • Why we celebrate
    • Managing party expectations
  • 7 printable pages:
    • 4 planner pages (brainstorming, planning schedule, party details & to-do-list, shopping list)
    • 2 banner/flag templates
    • a kid thank-you card template

Plus, I’ve put given ebook readers links to all my birthday parties, and a special Resource page for shopping and other bonuses I’ll be adding as I refine this book! 

Check out the printable planning pages I’ve included for you! (I’m open to ideas for future pages to make this user-friendly!)

Flat lay of several pages of birthday party planning worksheets

Don’t let birthday parties stress you out!

Birthday Book Testimonial

My ebook can help! This collection of 100+ tips to help you throw a birthday party with ease using simple decorating ideas and planning tips. You won’t get weighed down by “all the ideas,” because I’ve shared only what has worked easily and quickly for me. And you won’t get frustrated by overwhelming, time-consuming craft projects, because I can’t do that kind anyway! (I do put a warning on my “extra-crafty section”!). 

The truth is: You don’t need to spend a ton (of time OR money) or stress out to celebrate your kids!

Celebrate simply, and enjoy the day with your child!

Make birthday parties a family tradition your children will treasure.

Get my ebook here for just $5.00 (that’s less than most printable packs on Etsy PLUS you get all my ideas too!):

Download your FREE Brainstorming Worksheet!

Everyone can win this one! I’m giving away one of the printables from the ebook – sign up for my mailing list and you’ll get a link to the download. This brainstorming printable contains 2 pages: my sample with ideas for each category, and then a blank worksheet for you to print out!

birthday party brainstorming printable

vicki cohn

Friday 7th of February 2020

Amanda Alvarado

Friday 7th of February 2020

This is awesome! How come you didn't do this years ago when my daughter was still young enough to want birthday parties?!?! LOL