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Celebrate Noon Year’s Eve with a Party!

I wanted to throw a Noon Year’s Eve Party the minute I heard about it. But the holidays were so busy, I put off even thinking about it until after Christmas. Here’s how to Celebrate Noon Year’s Eve with a Party for Kids!

noon years eve party

How to Celebrate Noon Year’s Eve with a Party

A Noon Year’s Eve party is a great way to celebrate the New Year with kids and not keep them up until midnight. I found most of my ideas on Pinterest! (of course! What did we do before Pinterest?). Our party was so simple to throw together!

For food, I had a veggie platter, fruit kebobs, and macaroni and cheese muffins. Also, colorful sodas from our local soda bottler. Keep it simple with a main dish, snack foods, and a fun beverage. Kids are too wound up to want to eat much. Plus, it’s only lunchtime, not dinner!noon years eve party

Celebrate Noon Year’s Eve with Fun Activities!

From 9 am until noon, we had a different activity each hour for the kids (my 3-year-old and his cousins) to enjoy!

noon years eve party

9 a.m. – Make pretzel Kisses treats to enjoy after lunch. This activity is very quick – maybe next year I’ll do cookie decorating or something more time-consuming, as this activity went very quickly!

10 a.m. – Decorate noisemakers – paper plates with beans and bells inside! You can find another noisemaker we made over on this post.


11 a.m. – Cut out snowflakes! I started the countdown timer on my iPad using this website. I wish it came with music though!

Noon – Balloon drop and lunch! The balloon drop did take some time to rig up the night before. We had about fifty balloons. I “sewed” two tableclothes together with cording and taped them to the ceiling with painter’s tape (leave some slack to add balloons and confetti). When noon hit, we pulled the cord to release the balloons!

(Get a detailed description of how to set up a balloon drop here).

Celebrate Noon Year's Eve

Celebrate Noon Year's Eve

Celebrate Noon Year's Eve

Then we enjoyed lunch. All in all, the kids had a blast and filled in the extra time just playing, while the adults chatted. A Noon Year’s Eve Party is sort of like Structured Relaxed Play – if you can put those two ideas in the same phrase! Ha! We plan to do this again next year!

UPDATED: We have had a Noon Year’s Eve party in our house since 2013… Here’s more posts:

We got both boys into bed by 8 p.m. and hubby and I enjoyed a little movie night, then watched the ball drop in New York City (on TV!). We did miss our annual Scrabble match up because we were a little busy with party cleanup (ha! We’ll never find all that confetti!), but we’ll fit that in this weekend!

noon years eve party

How do you celebrate Noon Year’s Eve or the New Year with your little kids? Do you stay up late? Do you let them stay up too? 

noon years eve party

Noon Year’s Eve Party Ideas!

Tuesday 30th of December 2014

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Sarah Jane

Thursday 10th of January 2013

Our daughter went to bed at 7 PM, but my husband, dad, and I stayed up until 2 AM watching Downton Abbey.


Tuesday 8th of January 2013

LOVE this idea. Very cute. We will have to do this next year. Sounds like a nice way to get the kids tired so Mom and Dad can have a little time alone on New Years eve at home.

Trisha W.

Saturday 5th of January 2013

I really like this idea. We have stayed up late some years, but this year we had an early morning obligation so we didn't. My oldest was a New Year's Baby, so we also celebrate his birthday.

T Rex Mom

Thursday 3rd of January 2013

This sounds simply delightful and an excellent idea.

Because we were all ill and recovering (our kids were especially hit hard) we stayed home and did not have anyone over. Instead we rested and watched some movies. Hubby and I often watch When Harry Met Sally on New Year's Eve, too. We some how timed it so when new year's was being celebrated on the movie was when it was happening here. That was kind of cool. Mostly, though, it was nice to just be all together during the holidays and take inventory of how blessed we are.