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Because what if it were your sister? A Prayer Request

Usually I write about our family and what we’re trying out and doing. But today I’m going to share another family’s story with you.

I generally write about things I’m learning about parenting and motherhood. Ways to build a happy, strong home, right?

There’s so many things that can create a happier home – getting outdoors more, reading books, crafts with the kids.

There’s so many ways to strengthen your home – eating whole foods, reducing sugars, exercising and staying fit.

But all those building blocks are nothing if they aren’t resting on a foundation: faith and trust in The Lord to guide and direct. Prayer to cover our family and protect, to strengthen and encourage our hearts, to lift our spirits.

So… maybe this isn’t such an unusual post except today I am burdened to share another family with you, and ask for your support in prayer.Pray for Liz

Liz is a girl I grew up with… a mom like most of us. She has three boys and a loving husband. Sisters and brothers. And… recently discovered a tumor in her brain. Inoperable.

Pray for Liz

I can’t imagine being a mom facing this challenge God has allowed into her life.

I can’t imagine (and believe me, I have a vivid imagination) if this were my sister sharing this news with me.

But as a mom, as a sister, I know one thing. I’d want the world praying a covering of protecting power like a blanket day and night.

I’ve been thinking and praying constantly for Liz, and kind of doing that “wringing of hands” thing, that there’s so little I can do. I think we stay at home moms might get that feeling a lot because we’re at home caring for children and can’t always rush out and help others.

One part of being a wife and mom is for us to root our family in a happy and peaceful home atmosphere, but there’s another half to that: reaching out to strengthen others. We can reach out in prayer to give Liz strength.

I’ve been thinking what if it were my sister facing a brain tumor? I know I’d reach out to my readers for support. So, I’m asking you today: would you pray for my friend Liz? Will you add your thread to the blanket of prayers being woven before God on her behalf?

“…pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Jame 5:16

I know most of you don’t know her personally, and right now I’m not sharing a photo because I want to respect her privacy, but think about it. What if it were your sister?  A stranger’s prayers are just as helpful as a family member’s.

Here’s some words from Liz’s sister:

I can hardly bring myself to say the words “my little sister has brain cancer.” And yet, they are what God has chosen for us. I’m so thankfull to KNOW that He’s a good, gracious, and merciful God. … As hard as this is, and as much as it’s something I would never ask for I am thankful. The fellowship of his sufferings draws us to know Him more. … And so we’ll carry on. Taking each day one moment at a time. Being thankful for each new moment and every wonderful memory I have of my beautiful baby sister. I know she’s not a baby anymore. She’s way more than that. She’s a wonderful wife, loving mom, the “fun auntie” and my best friend. Thank you for helping to weave the protective blanket of prayer!

Please Pray For Liz!

Pray for the doctor’s wisdom.

Pray for peace for her young children as they may not understand what is happening.

Pray for this young couple as they make medical decisions about treatment.

Pray for Liz as a woman and mom to be strengthened in her heart and encouraged.

Pray for her husband to find peace and strength.

Pray for her family to find – in the midst of trials – happiness and joyful moments.

Prayer costs us nothing but a few moments. Prayer brings us joy and strength. 

If you could, take a moment now to pray for Liz and her family. Perhaps leave a word of encouragement in the comments for her to read?

Trisha W.

Saturday 6th of August 2016

Do you have any updates on your friend?

Lynn B

Friday 8th of August 2014

Sending prayers and healing wishes.

Lynn B

Friday 8th of August 2014

Sending prayers and healing wishes.

Sonya Morris

Friday 8th of August 2014

I will keep her and her family in my prayers!

Sonya Morris

Friday 8th of August 2014

I will keep her and her family in my prayers!