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What was lost is found…again! #40bags40days

I’m still hard at work unearthing all the needless “stuff” in our home as part of the 40 bags in 40 days project.

By now, nearly halfway through, I have lost track of the actual number of bags. All I know is there’s a big pile in the basement for donation, consignment, and tag sale!

Removing all these useless things: clothing, kitchen gadgets, bedding, papers….it makes not just the house seem lighter. But me as well.

Along the way I made a few interesting discoveries!

While culling unwanted books from our shelves, I happened upon an old (from 1951!) copy of Engermeier’s Bible Story Book. It was a gift from my Grandpa Howard to my dad. Somehow I ended up with this book but had forgotten about it. … So when our homeschooling notebook suggested it as a resource for the weekly Bible stories, I ordered a new one from Amazon! Now I have two!

A second surprise came as I dug through our grocery bag closet. I almost skipped reorganizing the extra plastic bags I save from shopping, but I am committed to going over every inch of our home. So I dug back a little further to pull out all the bundled up baggies that had fallen to the bottom of the closet.

And pulled out… My son’s lovey! It was actually his second lion lovey. The first was lost,then found after I had replaced it. Then lost again. Now…thanks to the 40 bags in 40 days challenge… It was found again!

My son reacted perfectly when I presented him with the lost lovey. Now he once again takes both lion loveys to bed with him. I love how he just loves BOTH the little lions!

I have another twenty days to clean. I’ve reduced my wardrobe by half. Cleared space in our kitchen. Removed expired foods from the pantry…

I think everyone should attempt a deep house cleaning from time to time! So worth it!

Do you have any spring cleaning rituals?