craft kits for kids

One way I love to give gifts to kids without just giving more "stuff" is with craft kits. Not just kits where kits put together a pre-determined item that quickly gets junked. No, I mean real crafting kits that help children learn a particular skill set! Skill building craft kits for kids make great gift ideas… Read More ->

Penguin Party Lanterns ~ Craft Tutorial

Penguin Party Lanterns

When I first started planning for my younger son's fourth penguin birthday party, my first idea was to create penguins out of black party lanterns. Initially I was going to stack two lanterns and create a stand-up penguin. However, they didn't stack well, and I could not get them to stick together for anything. So… Read More ->


We had such a rainy day here yesterday... it prompted me to go back through my site and revisit some of our old rainy day activities. I have a big list of them to share! Sensory bins and Tinker Boxes are lifesavers on a rainy day! Just let kids explore some "new-to-them" bits and pieces… Read More ->

personalized coloring ideas for kids feature

Since the dawn of personalized stickers, pencils, and cups, kids have loved having their things marked with their name! The trend continues toward greater customization and personalization options in kids' toys. And with the other trend of unique names and name spellings rising, that's a good thing! Our boys have unusual names, and I'm unlikely to… Read More ->