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Easy Paper Straw Garland Craft Kids Will Love

This easy paper straw garland craft takes so little time! Kids will love to make it, and it takes just 15 minutes!

Why is it that I get most creative when “stuck” at home? The other day we had plans to visit some friends, but my son spiked a fever randomly, so we stayed put. But we didn’t stay still! Before long I had hauled out the craft bin, tipped over the bead box, and spread enough pom-poms around to create a cheerleading squad!

Now, I love creating DIY parties, from the cake, to the clever invite, to themed foods. But my FAVORITE thing to do is come up with easy and inexpensive decor from what I have on hand.

Christmas is the perfect time for this kind of crafty inspiration, because I don’t want to spend a fortune on my boys’ mini tree decor! Your kids can create their own amazing tree with simple crafts like this one:

Paper Straw Garland – an easy DIY for young kids

Even younger kids can assist in making this festive paper straw garland for Christmas or party decor.

My son and I created a green and white paper straw garland to swag around the mini Christmas tree years ago. But I wanted to change the colors up this year. It was easy enough to recreate, because this craft is just SO STINKING SIMPLE!

You can easily swap out the colors and create a paper straw garland for a New Year’s party, birthday party, baby shower, or any celebration!

Materials for a Paper Straw Garland

  • 8-10 paper straws (various colors, use enough to make the length of your garland area)
  • 40-50 beads (pony beads, wooden beads, etc)
  • 2 yards Yarn – measure the area you’d like to decorate, and add extra length if you plan to use swoops and dangles!
  • Large plastic needle (OR Tape) – you can wrap the end of the yarn with tape to create a needle-like end that will go through the “beads.”
  • Scissors

Steps to make your garland:

  1. Cut the paper straws to varying lengths.
  2. Thread the needle with the yarn. Tie a knot. I like to tie a “loop” at the end because then I can use this on the tree or hang the garland on hooks across a bookshelf.
  3. String your yarn with alternating beads and straw pieces. Create patterns or string randomly – both can look great!
  4. At the end of your garland, tie another knot or loop. (If tying knots only, you’ll want to loop the yarn around and through the last bead and then tie a knot).
  5. Trim ends.

TIP: For a longer garland, it helps to string the pieces from both ends. As you build up a good amount of beads/straws on the yarn, it might start to “pull” if you string end to end, so stringing from both ends towards the middle avoids that problem. String half the garland from one end, then thread the needle on the other end and string the other half.

Drape your paper straw garland on a mini Christmas tree, or hang across a doorway or bookshelf to be party ready!

Use this Garland Craft for any party!

I love getting my kids involved in creating holiday and party decorations, and bead stringing is also a great fine motor skill for small hands! These paper straw garlands can become necklace crafts for party crafts or favors. Change the colors to fit different party themes.

How else could you use this paper straw garland craft idea?

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