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Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Pull together easy birthday party ideas for kids in a snap with these fun ideas for all ages. I’ve collected links to ALL my birthday party posts here for you to find the perfect idea for your child.

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Find tips for party decor, invites, party food, party games. These ideas are easy to make or inexpensive to buy. Whether you’re crafty or not, you can create a birthday party theme to delight your child and make their day special. Here’s a preview of some of my favorite parties: 

Birthday Parties for Babies and Toddlers

Car themed birthday party – We did a car theme for my son’s first birthday, since his first word was “Car!”

Peter Rabbit Birthday party – This adorable party theme was perfect for summer and being outdoors for our second son’s first birthday party!

Farm Tractor Party IdeasFarm / Tractor themed party – Can’t decide on vehicle or cute animals? We often blend party themes to make everyone happy! So: tractors for my son and cute animals for me!

Puppy Dog Birthday Party IdeasPuppy Dog Birthday Party Ideas – This party is adorable for boys or girls, and easy food prep too!

train themed birthday party cakeTrain Birthday Party – At this party, I first started making our “themed trail mix” that has become a staple at so many of our birthday parties!

Birthday Party Ideas for Preschoolers

knight in shining armor birthday party ideasKnight in Shining Armor Birthday Party Ideas – Your little knight will be delighted by the detailed cake idea here – it looks way more complicated than it is (I am NOT a great cake froster, but even I managed this!).

Penguin Party IdeasA Penguin Birthday Party – Don’t ask how I pulled off this chilly theme for a July birthday, but we all appreciated the ice and ice-cream that abounded.

zoo train birthday party ideasZoo Train Party Ideas – Again with the mixed theme! It’s a zoo, it’s a train! It’s BOTH at this party!

Birthday Party Ideas for Big Kids

Shark Birthday Party IdeasShark Party Ideas – These shark birthday party ideas work well for a birthday or for Shark Week if you’re throwing a fun summer party!

pirate birthday party ideasPirate Birthday Party Ideas – I could’ve gone on and on with ideas for this party, but my goal is always “fun and easy” for DIY party prep. This cake is my 2nd favorite party cake!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas – This theme is so fun, we’re going to do it again! Add in volcanos and kids will love it!

camping birthday party ideasCamping Birthday Party Theme – This could be a kids OR a grown up party theme. The cake is MY personal favorite out of all the cakes I made. My little guy loved the s’mores theme at this camping party.


Army Birthday Party Ideas – Get everyone in on the party theme by wearing some camo – nearly everyone has a hat, shirt, or pants in this print.

Lizard Birthday Party – This theme threw me for a loop, but it turned out super cute and fun, so give it a try with my ideas!

How do I pull off my birthday parties? 

I, personally, like to do a mix of DIY and pre-made party decor and ideas. I visit the dollar store, Target dollar spot, and raid my craft bins for scraps that help it all come together.

On occasion, I’ll splurge on a stand-out prop to make the decor complete. But I’m always looking for items I can reuse with the kids (like the pool from the DIY Fishing Game)  or repurpose around the house later on (like the lanterns from my son’s camping themed birthday party). 

Some ideas are a flop and I don’t end up using them at all during the party! Some ideas end up being totally last minute! YOU benefit from all my mistakes and random successes because the birthday party posts showcase only the best of what worked. 

Plus, you’ll often get gift ideas that match the party theme! I love giving gifts that match the party theme!

Looking for a party theme? Maybe I’ll attempt your theme next! Just drop me a line and let me know!