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A Train Themed Birthday Party – Choo-choo! He’s Two!

Saturday we had a blast throwing a train themed birthday party for our son’s second birthday! We had about twenty family members over to celebrate! These train themed birthday party ideas were fun and easy to pull together to celebrate our new little two-year-old!

Train Themed Birthday Party Ideas

train themed birthday party

Train Themed Birthday Party Decorations

Of course, balloons! What 2-year-old doesn’t love them? I also made some handmade tissue pom-poms with kits I got at the store. Plus, I used gingham fabric and pom pom trim to make a pennant banner. I also used the gingham fabric for table cloths and runners, and accented with red bandanas! (I’m saving all this for future parties! The beauty of permanent decorations!).

train themed birthday party train themed birthday party train themed birthday party

Our son wore an train engineer costume, and his younger cousins joined in with fun hats and bandanas of their own for the party (which were their party favors!). Also, wooden train whistles, which kept the house sounding like a train station all night!

I also made him a train bib to wear to the party! Cake’s gonna be messy!

Train Themed Birthday Dinner

Dinner was a delicious BBQ of pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, coleslaw, and salad. It was so easy because I made everything the night before and put it in the crockpot. Definitely saved me time in the kitchen!

Train Birthday Cake

train themed birthday party cake Train Birthday Cake Train Birthday Cake

The train cake was inspired by so many great Pinterest photos… and my sister’s help with frosting was a lifesaver (I have no patience for sticky things!). We used separate loaf pans to create each “car” on the train and decorated them differently.

I had to give an assist with the candle blowing … we would’ve been there all night with how gently he blows out candles!

train themed birthday party

Train Dessert Table

train themed birthday party

I saw this fun idea for mini marshmallows as “train smoke” on Pinterest and expanded it into a ‘Rail Mix (trail mix) bar for guests to snack on or take for the ride home (every train ride needs snacks, right?). The ingredients came together well for a yummy Trail (er, ‘Rail!) Mix!

  • Pretzel stick rails
  • mini marshmallow train smoke
  • chocolate covered craisin coal
  • honey roasted peanut gravel
  • red M&M train signals

Of course, cars and trains were a big part of his gifts this year, but also he got lots of summer clothes, which this mama is very excited about!

I can’t believe he’s two! It’s really gone by just as fast as everyone says it will… 

Happy Birthday, my little engineer!

What kinds of themes have you done for birthday parties? Do you do a big “kid” party or family parties (or both)?


Saturday 10th of March 2012

Happy (albeit belated) Birthday to your little guy! He's grown so much... (But you probably don't want me to remind you about that, eh?) ;)

I love the train theme. And the cake is very cute. (I need to get up-to-date and take a look at Pinterest; I keep hearing about it...)

We usually do family parties -- with a few friends who are "like family" added. It works best for our space and schedules right now...

Being a lit teacher, you'd enjoy knowing that we recently celebrated with a "Little House in the Big Woods" theme for E's sixth b-day. It was fun! :)


Tuesday 6th of March 2012

Wow - everything looks great and your son looks adorable!


Tuesday 28th of February 2012

What a great idea! I love the train cake and the make your own Rail Mix is wonderful!

T Rex Mom

Tuesday 28th of February 2012

For Lil Sister's birthday last month, we did a Jenny Linsky cat themed party. We did that party for friends and then a smaller party for just family. This way she had a chance to get used to the attention. It was a grand party and so much fun.

Asher's party looks incredible. You did a beautiful job, Julie. He seems a bit overwhelmed which I would completely share with him.


Monday 27th of February 2012

What a cute birthday party. I love the Rail Mix.