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Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Long ago…in a hospital not far away… our first child was born. This year he turned eleven and requested a Star Wars party. Since I’ve already written about Star Wars themed gifts, it wasn’t a leap to dream up some Star Wars birthday party ideas!

Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Hubby is a huge Star Wars fan so we already have many figurines and Star Wars themed items. So thankfully, I didn’t have to spend a ton of money on this party.

The cool thing about Star Wars is there are so many opportunities for sub-themes: Jedis, flying machines, Yoda, droids… We decided to just do a mish-mash of anything Star Wars themed!

We all have Star Wars themed shirts so for the first time in 11 years I didn’t make party t-shirts! Wow! End of an era! But also saved me so much time… lol!

group of people at a birthday party in front of a banner

Star Wars Party Banner & Decor

Star Wars Birthday Decor Banner Balloons and figurines

I made a simple paper flag banner to say “Happy 11th Birthday with yellow light saber and Star Wars text end pieces. I added some silver metallic star garland for that galaxy feel!

You can get this Star Wars Birthday Party banner in my Etsy shop! It includes many other decorative pieces I didn’t use for our party, plus food labels!

We have several large figurines from previous Star Wars gifts, so I put out our big Darth Vader and Chewbacca holding black and gold star balloons (Dollar Tree is the least expensive place for helium balloons!).

We also have an inflatable Darth Vader (affiliate link) that commandeered the living room. 

The birthday boy drew chalk pastel Star Wars (affiliate link) posters to decorate the doors. It’s been so fun having the kids be old enough to help out with party decor! They both get really into coming up with ideas and creating their own decor. My oldest even made a Boba Fett Mask out of cardboard and sharpie markers!

Star Wars Party Foods

The boys also helped brainstorm the party menu! If you’ve read my previous birthday party posts, you know I love my themed foods!

A table full of birthday party food

Here’s our Star Wars Party Menu:

  • Mustafar Pizza
  • Ham Solo Sandwiches (Hawaiian Sliders)
  • Chicken Xwings
  • Boba Feta Salad
  • Watto’s Junkyard Chips (my youngest mixed together 5 kinds of chips!)
  • Yoda Soda (featuring local soda in lemon lime and lime rickey flavors!)
  • R2D2 cake (see blow)
  • Hoth ice cream
  • Imperial Credit Cookies (using Star Wars Cookie Cutters! (affiliate link))
  • Chewy-Bacca Chocolates (chocolate covered gummy bears! These could also have been Ewoks!)

Star Wars Birthday Cake

An R2D2 Star Wars Birthday Party Cake

I’m so thankful my son asked for an R2D2 cake! Other cake ideas might’ve been really difficult! To make the R2D2 cake, I baked 3 cakes: rectangle, square, and circle.

I cut the circle in half for the top of R2D2. From the square I cut the droid’s legs (although in retrospect I made them too short so he has an unusually long torso…if droids can have a torso! If I had to do it over, I would’ve baked another rectangle so I could have longer legs).

After frosting with vanilla, I used a package of blue icing (because you don’t need a lot) to create some of the blue markings. Fudge covered Oreos (regular and mini) formed the lens, button and some side rivets. A red foil coin was his laser light. For silver trim, I used cookie icing to affix silver edible beads (cookie icing hardens unlike the buttercream frosting I made for the body!).

You could also use blue M&Ms but specific color candy gems were impossible to find at any store in my area. They are really pricey online.

In years past I have had MANY desserts out on the cake table, but since it was just family, we kept it to cake, cookies, and chocolates. I thought about doing fruit kebob lightsabers, but in the end, we would’ve had too much food. File that idea away for another time!

A group of Star Wars Birthday Party items on a table

Star Wars Party Activities

A stack of blue light sabers

Since my kids are older and it is pandemic time, we didn’t do much for games because we just celebrated with family. I gave them some Star Wars activity books (affiliate link) and stickers sets to use the week before the party. They shared these with their cousins.

The boys used toy lightsabers (affiliate link) to fight the inflatable Darth in the “light saber duel arena” in the living room.

They also created a pool noodle light saber. This would be a great craft idea for future or outdoor parties where more kids could be involved.

Even more Star Wars Party Inspo!

Check out my May the Fourth Day post filled with Star Wars themed ideas!

Visit my Etsy shop for the Star Wars party banner for your own Star Wars Birthday Party!

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