The Letter I Meant to Write

I meant to write this letter. When you turned one. And again when you turned two. three. four. This weekend you'll be turning five. And although I've done a lot of writing over the past five years, and much of it involves you.... I still never wrote TO you (except birthday cards, and little notes)… Read More ->

Will your kids be riding the big yellow school bus this year or do you still have another year or two of kids at home? Our boys will be home with me this year doing pre-kindergarten work, but I'm always on the lookout for extra-curricular activities for them to get new experiences. This is a… Read More ->

moms remember the happy moments

It's easy to look back on fresh motherhood experiences with a glossed over "those were the days" mentality. But I remember the angst over never getting enough rest, calling my mom about everything, and struggling with cry-it-out versus rock-to-sleep decisions. It was hard to remember the happy moments amidst the sleep-deprived tears! When you're in… Read More ->

His First Haircut

Our little baby turns two in a month. He's been such a baldie for so long, we've pretty much forgotten that eventually he'd need a haircut! But as those little blonde wisps started curling up the back of his neck, we knew it was time for a trip to Auntie's to get a professional 'cut… Read More ->