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Hands-On Bath Time Play Ideas for International Bath Day!

Playing in the tub has been popular as far back as Archimedes discovering how to measure volume in the bathtub by submerging items! What’s more fun than hands on play ideas for kids – and since June 14th is International Bath Day, let’s fill the tub up with these exciting toys!

hands on bath time play

Hands-on Bath Time Play Ideas for International Bath Day!

hands on bath time play

Yookidoo’s Submarine Spray Whale is perfect for budding deep sea divers. With a battery-operated pumping system, kids can draw water up from the tub for squirting fun. The diver’s shower head can be set to continuous stream, or intermittent. Attach the shower head to the whale scooper and you get an adorable water spout! The Submarine Spray Whale actually saves water, since you don’t have to have the faucet running for kids to play in. **Note: this toy is not intended for use with bubbly soap**

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hands on bath time playKids love bathtub squirt toys, but every parent quickly learns how those closed toys grow mold quickly. Marcus + Marcus Silicone Bath Toys separate into two pieces that can be cleaned and dried out between baths. Cute designs include five animals shapes, plus a rocket and a submarine! These soft toys float and squirt!

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hands on bath time playCreated by two dads who wanted to make bathtime fun and not upsetting for small children, SoapSox are a toy kids can play with in the bath or take to bed at night. They are soft, bathtub stuffed pals! The inside is a sponge, and the outside is terry-cloth. Simply “feed” a bar of soap or squirt liquid soap into the opening and suds up! Built in finger pockets help parents wash their kids. There are more than a dozen animals to pick from plus a Disney Baby line!

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So simple, yet so much fun, HABA’s Bubble Bath Whisk churns up piles of fluffy bubbles. Just stick it into the bath and let kids turn the crank to really stir up some fun! Fair warning, if you have more than one child, get one for each, because this is going to be the most popular item in the tub!

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hands on bath time playDon’t let the fun end when the bath water drains. e-cloth’s Luxury Hooded Towel cuddles kids in the softest micro-dry fabric. Quick drying and very absorbent, kids might actually beg to come out of the bath for these towels! Available in pink, blue, and gray.

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hands on bath time playWhat’s your child’s favorite way to play in the tub?! Which one of these would be their favorite?

Thanks to Haba USA, e-cloth, Marcus + Marcus, Yookidoo, and SoapSox for providing products for this post! All opinions are my own. Amazon Affiliate links have been used and purchases made after clicking these links may generate a small commission for me. 

John T

Tuesday 19th of March 2019

These products are really cute and entertaining for little ones... very helpful post ..thanks for sharing :)