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Kids’ Traveling Garden Adventure! Celebrate Radio Flyer’s 100 Days of Summer

Our boys love to travel and have adventures… and it doesn’t take much for their imagination to turn any daily event or object into a soaring adventure! When I heard about Radio Flyer’s Kid’s Travel Agency, I knew it was an idea I had to share with my boys! I’m partnering with Radio Flyer to share one of our adventures with you and hopefully inspire you to create a summer of adventurous destinations… even if only in your backyard!

On a Traveling Garden Adventure

Traveling Garden Adventure

When I told them all about the Radio Flyer Kid’s Travel Agency and showed them the imaginary destination postcards to spark imagination, they quickly took over the concept!

They loved the concept of the Stinky Broccoli Forest, and initially wanted to plant a garden in their new Big Red Classic All Terrain Wagon.The boys love to garden. Digging up worms, watering plants, or plucking radishes from the earth… they are happy as little clams in the garden. So I wasn’t surprised their adventure would include a garden!

We had a chat about what water can do to metal over the long haul though, and they decided they wanted to create a traveling garden to deliver plants to our neighbors who might not have a garden.

Traveling Garden Adventure

I love this idea because not only is it adventurous, but it helps others too! The boys quickly made a plan while I printed up some simple papers to tie onto a host of extra basil plants we’d grown earlier this spring.

They invented a travel itinerary for which neighbors to travel to, as well as imaginary foes: like a dragon that wanted to eat all the basil before they could deliver it. Good thing we had our Dragon Drool Defense spray to ward him off (insect repellant).

After the wagon was loaded with plants, they set off on their journey with a traveling garden in tow. To avoid the basil-eating dragon, they wound around the mountains (our cars) and then headed out, stopping at various houses along our street (with me as the traffic guard!).

Traveling Garden Adventure

My oldest son was pleased as punch to park their wagon at each doorstep and march up to deliver a plant to our unsuspecting neighbors. And my four-year old couldn’t wait for the wagon to be emptied so he could hitch a ride back home!

They already have plans to continue their Traveling Garden Adventures by delivering our extra tomato plants! Long live the Traveling Gardeners and their little green friends!

Creating an imaginary (or semi-real, as in our case) destination is such a simple way to celebrate the 100 days of summer. Give kids a few simple supplies to decorate their toys with signs or banners, and then let them set sail, take flight, soar and zoom though the delightful landscape of their own imaginary destinations this summer!

What imaginary destination would your child travel to!?

Traveling Garden Adventure

Inspiring Imaginations for 100 years!

Radio Flyer has dedicated their company to inspiring imaginations and powering play for the past 100 years. I’m sure each of us has a memory that includes a “little red wagon” or other Radio Flyer toy! How is it that the simple red wagon has such staying power? Radio Flyer’s founder Antonio Pasin started Radio Flyer in 1917 with the dream of bringing “joy to every boy and every girl.” I’m pretty sure he succeeded – at least in our family!

Today, Radio Flyer keeps that dream alive, using imagination to stay innovative and relevant to kids. As generations come and go, the power of play remains the same. Radio Flyer’s one-day on-site event to invent travel destinations in the imagination was a huge hit for kids!

Parents can still visit the Radio Flyer Kid’s Travel Agency microsite and get inspired by fun destinations like Mount Puppy, Sally Seahorse Rodeo Ranch, Stinky Broccoli Forest, and Dragon’s Butt Kingdom! Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Ask your kids – let them steer the adventure. If they need a little nudge, tell them a story of something you did in your childhood!
  • Share their adventures – tag photos on social media with #radioflyer100
  • Create and decorate – use simple craft supplies to help them create and decorate scenes for their travel, or design postcards for their destinations!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Radio Flyer. The opinions and text are all mine.