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Fun-filled, Dad-approved Father’s Day Gifts

Usually on Father’s Day I never know what to get for hubby from the kids. But now that the boys are older and more interested in giving gifts, it’s been a lot of fun. And I have a new focus for Father’s Day Gifts – ones that are fun-fill and Dad-approved, and help dads enjoy spending time with the kids!

Father's Day Gifts

Shake it up in the kitchen with your kids

Father's Day GiftsIn our house, dad makes a lot of weekend breakfasts (I know, I am blessed!). Eggs are generally on the menu for these times, and nobody makes a hard-boiled egg like my hubby. But peeling all those eggs… well, the Negg, AKA “The World’s Greatest Egg Peeler,” makes getting those sticky peels off the egg faster and more fun! This tiny gadget is on my own must-have list because I hate when I end up with a chopped up egg because the shell sticks! Just a little water in the Negg, then shake-shake-shake (which kids love to do), and suddenly the shell peels off easy-like-Sunday-morning!

Check out my 4 year old peeling eggs on Instagram:

Also, I love that the Negg was invented by Connecticut parents! Close to home and a very cool invention!

Experiment with your kids!

We’re a big science family here, since Dad is a chemistry teacher. Science gets “crazy fun” with The Crazy Scientist LAB sets by The Purple Cow. These activity card sets offer over a dozen experiments and materials for each to promote STEM concepts, so it’s easy to get a science lab going in your kitchen! I checked out two of the newest kits and liked what I saw:

Father's Day GiftsYoung Survivor – Dads can teach their kids basic survival skills like distilling and purifying water. Or how to generate water from plants. Older kids can learn to light a fire without matches, or build a solar stove. Not only do they get hands-on know-how, but they’ll also learn the scientific principles behind each skill! For ages 6+.

Father's Day GiftsOptical Illusions – What you see… might not be what you get! Dads can wow their kids with cool optical illusions AND the scientific answers behind why our vision can boggle the mind! Ages 6+.

Snacking fun for dads on the go with Think Jerky

Father's Day Gifts

Dads use up a lot of energy when horsing around and going places with kids (okay, so do moms!). While the kids are snacking on their beloved granola bars and goldfish crackers, give the dads a more grown-up treat with Think Jerky! Read the label on most jerky out there, and you’ll be disappointed to find it’s full of sugar or fillers. Think Jerky, though is chef-crafted from grass-fed beef and free-range turkey. Gluten-free, nitrite-free, and GMO-free, this is a protein-packed snack to keep dad running! Single serve bags of Think Jerky are perfect for on-the-go fuel-ups! Paleo friendly flavors include: Ginger Orange, Siracha Honey, Thanksgiving, Sweet Chipotle, and Classic.

Find Think Jerky on Amazon.

Father's Day Gifts

Check out more ideas for Father’s Day gifts:

Whatever you get the dads in your life, just know that it’s ALWAYS the thought that counts. This year, I’m thinking about how much hubby enjoys playing with the kids and giving him some fun-filled Father’s Day Gifts to enjoy!

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