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How to Hack a Digital Photo Frame for Father’s Day (plus a better alternative!)

So apparently… the digital photo frame has been on the outs since… oh about 2010? This according to my in-depth Google research.

Funny, because on my husband’s first Father’s Day (which happened in 2010), I gave him a digital photo frame. I guess I wasn’t up on my tech.

If you are also one of millions worldwide with a darkened and dusty digital photo frame, never fear! I have researched a few ways to hack a digital photo frame for Father’s Day. Plus, I actually have a better alternative.

Now, short of bedazzling your old photo frame (which I did see somewhat accomplished on Pinterest), here’s how to…

Hack a digital photo frame fathers day

Hack a Digital Photo Frame for Father’s Day

Create a storyboard. This one is a little more time intensive. Gather a dozen or so of the best photos of dad and kids over the past year (or so). Create a few images in, where you use colored backgrounds and text to “tell the story” of those photos. Or, you could overlay the images with scrapbook-like embellishments and text. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart (and you’d better get started now!), but I think that would really spice up a digital photo frame, don’t you?

Create an inspiration board. Load the photo frame up with images of all the things that make dad happy, places he’d like to go, activities he’d enjoy. Let the digital photo frame play as a daily inspiration of his goals!

Make him laugh. Plenty of memes going around these days! Save the ones you think he’d find funny and load them into your digital photo frame!

Encourage him. Plenty of people design beautiful “printables” of inspiring quotes and Bible verses. I think it’d be great to gather some Bible verse images to encourage Dad throughout his day.

But there is an alternative to digital photo frames!

Yeah, as I researched digital photo frame hacks, it occurred to me that I had a better answer right in hand! My Intel 2 in 1 Laptop / Tablet! Well, duh!

Because as I kept digging into the digital photo frame quandary, I realized that yeah, those “of the future” frames, maybe weren’t the best idea. Older frame models that don’t “hibernate” or use a motion sensor, are pulling a constant draw on your electricity. And there are issues with photo quality, storage limits, wifi (or lack thereof in older models), etc.

So… while I think there’s still some great ways we can hack a digital photo frame for Father’s Day… there’s a better alternative. And that is to use your laptop or tablet as a photo display! 

Pretty genius, right!?

Simply create a slideshow as your screensaver, and set it up! I especially like that I can quickly unsnap the tablet portion of my  Intel 2 in 1, and display photos that are vertical / portrait style, instead of just horizontal! You try turning a digital frame on its end and see what happens!? Ha!

A tablet-as-photo-frame has other benefits too. Like being cordless with a 10 hour battery life. Or the multitude of pre-installed Windows 8 apps and features available. My Intel 2 in 1 already has Netflix, OneNote, Skype and other functional and fun apps ready to go!

So… go ahead. Bedazzle your old photo frame for your dad (or hubby) for Father’s Day. Or, get him something a bit more useful, like a laptop / tablet combo and present it with a pre-installed slideshow for him to enjoy! You can still use any of the “hacks” I listed above.

Raise your hand if you also have an old digital photo frame collecting dust in your house! What will you do with it? Or have you already found a good use!?

Hack a digital photo frame fathers day

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