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Top 5 Times to Print Digital Photos!

My stored photos on my computer number into the thousands. I definitely need to do some photo organization. Do you know, there are photos I’ve taken that hubby doesn’t even see because there’s just too many to go through!? Sad, but true! All these cute family photos and pics of the kids that don’t see the light of day. I think it’s common to let digital photo printing get lost in the shuffle of household chores. So I’ve partnered with Amazon Prints to share the top 5 times to print digital photos. This way, I remember to collect at least a few groups of photos year by year!

5 times to print digital photos

Top 5 times to print digital photos

On each child’s birthday – set a reminder in your photo to comb through the last year’s worth of photos for each of your children and select the best photo or two from each month of their life to have printed. You could either make inexpensive prints and put them into an album, or create a photo book or collage.

At the end of the school year – similarly, you could choose a major life event to collect photos that represent a child’s learning and growth.

After a major vacation or trip – these are important family moments, so schedule in some time the week after a major trip or family vacation to go through those photos and print your memories!

On Mother’s Day or Father’s Day – these are the perfect times to collect images of family and children together. Or even to remember to take more photos of children with each parent.

On the first or last day of the month – it happens with regularity! Book yourself an hour to go through the past month’s photos and print your favorites. This way, although your catalog of photos will grow, you’ll only have to go back through about four week’s worth to select the ones you want to print!

These top 5 times to print digital photos are simple and easy to remember. It’s important to schedule the time in too, so set a reminder on your phone or calendar, and you’ll be able to stay on top of your digital photo printing!

5 times to print digital photos

Use Amazon Prints to store and print your photos!

5 times to print digital photos

And now, photo printing is as easy as using Amazon Prints(which, is very easy!).

Remember I told you about how easy it was to store your photos with Amazon Prime Photos? Well it’s also easy to print those photos right from Amazon Prime Photos too!

Amazon’s photo printing services allows you to print your memories. The Amazon Prints process is simple: upload, select, and print.

For Prime members, you’ll get free unlimited storage that can be shared with up to five other people. If you’re not a Prime member, you can still get 5GB of free storage so you can upload and print as well.

Prime members also get free delivery of prints. I told you it was going to be so easy to get your photo printing done!

Prints start at just nine cents each. But you can also print cards, wall decor, calendars, mugs, and other photo gifts. Perfect for Father’s Day, graduation or birthday announcements, and other gifting needs.

Printing pictures has never been easier – you don’t even have to leave the house! Just set reminders in your phone and print digital photos easily with Prime Photos!

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Sharon Paavola

Friday 2nd of June 2017

Your times for printing are a fabulous idea for those of us who let life zoom by. Now that I have a grand baby I will use these reminders to not let his growth and antics get sidelined.

Thank you also, for introducing me to Amazon printing. We are prime members and didn't know about it. How easy and efficient!