craft kits for kids

One way I love to give gifts to kids without just giving more "stuff" is with craft kits. Not just kits where kits put together a pre-determined item that quickly gets junked. No, I mean real crafting kits that help children learn a particular skill set! Skill building craft kits for kids make great gift ideas… Read More ->

DIY Penguin T Shirt Craft

DIY Penguin T Shirt Craft

Each year for my boys' birthdays, I like to make them something to wear to the party! I've done iron-on, fabric paints, fabric markers, and other types of DIY T shirt crafts. I just love how this year's DIY Penguin T Shirt craft turned out for the boys! Supplies needed: Black t-shirt Steam-A-Seam Lite (2 sheets) white… Read More ->

Penguin Party Lanterns ~ Craft Tutorial

Penguin Party Lanterns

When I first started planning for my younger son's fourth penguin birthday party, my first idea was to create penguins out of black party lanterns. Initially I was going to stack two lanterns and create a stand-up penguin. However, they didn't stack well, and I could not get them to stick together for anything. So… Read More ->


We had such a rainy day here yesterday... it prompted me to go back through my site and revisit some of our old rainy day activities. I have a big list of them to share! Sensory bins and Tinker Boxes are lifesavers on a rainy day! Just let kids explore some "new-to-them" bits and pieces… Read More ->