One way I love to give gifts to kids without just giving more “stuff” is with craft kits. Not just kits where kits put together a pre-determined item that quickly gets junked. No, I mean real crafting kits that help children learn a particular skill set! Skill building craft kits for kids make great gift ideas! Here are a few of  my favorites for the 5 and up crowd!

craft kits for kids

Craft kits for kids make great gift ideas!

craft kits for kids

Pom Pom Necklace Craft Kit – eeBoo – $3.49

Ages 8+. (A grown up could assist a younger child with the needle portion of this project). A simple and fast craft that will help kids feel successful quickly! Everything you need is included: delightful two-tone pom poms of various sizes, brightly colored thread, and two large plastic needles (not very sharp). Simply thread the needle and push it through the pom poms, then tie off to create a necklace! Many colors are available and at this price, these kits make fabulous stocking stuffers, gifts or party favors.

craft kits for kids

Paper Chain Craft Kit – eeBoo – $10.99

Ages 5+. This kit requires nothing but the papers inside. Each paper is notched and slit so the piece slot together with no glue or scissors needed. Detailed illustrations pattern each sturdy paper and the papers included can make a chain up to twenty-four feet long! Various themes are available: Animal, Valentine, Holiday, Birthday, and more! Perfect for party decor!

craft kits for kids

Pipe Cleaner Craft Kits – eeBoo – $3.99

Ages 8+. (Although 6 and 7 year olds may also find this accessible). So many  uses for these adorable pipe cleaner craft kits. Each kit has 36 pipe cleaners of various thicknesses, centered around a themed color scheme named after an animal: Owl, Seahorse, Poison Dart Frog, Bunny, Wild Pony, Fuzzy Bear, and more. On the back of each package are directions to create the animal featured. Each kit could make about 10-12 animal shapes. Or use the pipe cleaners for other creative projects!

craft kits for kids

Sandstone Carving Kits – HearthSong – $19.98

Ages 6+. Precut shapes make a starting point for carving. Kids draw the animal on the front and begin to carve away and smooth the stone using several tools provided in the kit. Online videos provide how-to’s for beginning carvers. Definitely for ages 6+. Currently there is a penguin shape available but other animals may also become available.


Beeswax Candle Rolling Kit – HearthSong – $26.98

Ages 5+. Simply roll up a candle with one sheet, then cut out designs from other colorful beeswax sheets and press onto the rolled candle. It doesn’t get much simpler. The beeswax sheets have a yummy sweet smell to them, and the materials provided can make between 12-24 candles depending on the size you make them. Hand-rolled beeswax candles are also perfect gifts for children to give to the grown-ups in their life!

craft kits for kids

Felting Bakeshop Kit – Lab Rat Gifts – $24.95 

Ages 8+. I loved experimenting with this kit! Felting is going to be my new favorite calming activity! Provided are felting needles, thread, felting forms, decorations, and many colored balls of wool roving. A detailed instruction guide provides information about how and why wool fibers “felt” and how to create many sweet confections! Use these felted treats for play or to make hair-pieces or clothing clips and badges. Kids get to work with natural wool fibers, and this kit may just be the start of a lifetime of felting happiness! The felting needles are very sharp, so supervision and instruction will be needed before this can be an independent project.

craft kits for kids

Monster Sewing Kit – Lab Rat Gifts – $24.95

Ages 8+. Sewing is a skill for everyone! At some point, your kids may need to repair a rip, replace a button, or fix a hem. Learning sewing skills by crafting these crazy little monsters is a fun way to get started! Fabrics, thread, felt pieces, and other accessories are included, along with a detailed instruction guide. Scissors will have to be provided and therefore children should be highly supervised with this project. As with all the Lab Rat Gift projects, the box with cool rope handle makes a perfect storage container for works-in-progress.

craft kits for kids

Airbush T-shirt Makeover Kit – Lab Rat Gifts – $24.95

Ages 8+. Old t-shirts get new life with this handheld airbrush tool and accessories. T-shirt will have to be provided, and only a few colors of markers are included. The instruction book provides a nifty explanation of real airbrushing tools and the science behind spray painting.

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What I love about these kits are how they each teach a specific skill: sewing, painting, needlework, design. And the child can also see a project through to a final product in a relatively short amount of time (felting and the sandstone carving are longer projects).

Kids can learn with these skill building craft kits, and create items they can wear, display, or give away as gifts!

craft kits for kids

What are your favorite craft kits for kids? 

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craft kits for kids

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