Throw a Dinosaur Birthday Party!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

We've covered a lot of birthday party themes in the past six years. It's hard to believe this is my tenth themed birthday party post! My little baby is now six! *tears* and he asked me to throw a dinosaur birthday party for his big day! Over the years of throwing birthday parties, I've learned… Read More ->

knight in shining armor birthday party ideas

I can't pinpoint the exact time it started, but many months ago, as I was teasing out my youngest son's thoughts on his third birthday party, he blurted out: "I want a knight in shining armor fighting the dragon party!" So specific, this one! I attribute it to a) our homeschool reading of Sir George… Read More ->

7 great gift ideas for kids (they’re not toys!)

Does it seem like birthdays and Valentine's Day and Easter all come hard on the heels of Christmas? And you're saying: But we JUST finished figuring out what toys to get rid of to make room for the new toys he got for Christmas! It's hard when you have Christmas and a birthday so close… Read More ->

When you attend kids' birthday parties (or send your kids along to one) do you struggle to come up with a great gift idea? You know, one the child will love, the parents will thank you for, and that your own kid can hold their head up high to give? It's no small challenge to… Read More ->