Here's another delicious summer salad I whipped up the other night for the family! I love having to think on the fly when all the produce in the garden (And CSA) comes in at once! Can't let it go to waste! So. Having lots of beans, and some red potatoes (store-bought) that were getting too… Read More ->

Our diet changes with warmer weather. Less soups and more salads. We eat a bit lighter... For instance, one night we just enjoyed this cool and delicious Tuna & Chickpea Salad with some of the organic dry goods products sent to us courtesy of Shiloh Farms. I've always wanted to make beans "from scratch" instead of… Read More ->

Summer Fruit Tea Recipe ~ For all ages!

I was brewing up batch after batch of my yummy Mighty Leaf Tea (reviewed previously), and noticing our toddler always asking for sips of my tea. Of course, as it had caffeine in it, I would have to refuse him my "mysterious" beverage. I felt so bad. Here I was getting to enjoy a delicious… Read More ->

Quinoa breakfast Salad pin

I love to celebrate holidays with a special breakfast. The irony here is that I am totally NOT a morning person so... often I leave hubby holding the bag, er, pan. But this 4th of July I have a great idea! A pre-made breakfast "salad" with all the colors of fireworks! I imagined up my… Read More ->