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Write 31 Days – The Poetry of Parenting Boys

Poetry of Parenting Boys

Welcome to the October 2014 Write 31 Days Challenge! I’m taking it on with a topic that hits all the things near and dear to my heart: My boys, Motherhood, and Poetry!

Let’s see what comes out of this mix! This will be my “landing page” for the series and I’ll update it with each new day’s post!

1.The Poetry of Parenting Boys (Intro post)

2.A Poem is a Boy (poem)

3. Finding Words for Boys (a word art poem and suggested activity)

4. How I See You (a poem for my first son)

5. Every Prayer is a poem (writing activity for parents)

6. Poetry for Parents (inspiring quote)

7. Boys in Haiku

8. When Dad Reads Poetry (challenge yourself!)

9. Throwback Thursday: When I Nurse my Baby at Night 

10. Looking Up, A Mother Sees (Sestina Poem)

11. Travel Day – Sorry!

12. Prayer Poem: Brotherly Love

13. Poetry Kids Will Actually Enjoy (book list!)

14. Juxtaposition in Parenting

15. Finding beauty in the Repetition of Parenting 

16. Parents, I give you: Poetic License!

17. Songs are Poetry

18. How I See You (a poem for my second son)

19. Prayer Poems for Children (using their gifts)

20. Found Poems in Picture Books

21. The Noise of Boys

22. Mentor Parents

23. Catalog of Parenting (a list poem)

24. Stick Your Tongue Out (Boys Can Be Gross)

25. Brothers (Diamonte Poem)

26. Prayer Poem: for soft words

27. Taken by Surprise (Triolet Poem)

28. [writer’s block!]

29. You are a story (extended metaphor)

30. Keep My Words (a lullaby)

31. I’ve learned… (recap and reflection)

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